About NetHui

NetHui website: nethui.nz

What is NetHui exactly?

NetHui brings everybody and anybody that wants to talk about the Internet together. We’re not a conference and speakers won’t talk at you all day. NetHui is a community event – made for the community, by the community.
Participation and collaboration are at the heart of NetHui. The programme isn’t decided by InternetNZ – it’s designed by the community. NetHui is about issues that actually matter to your community.

What’s InternetNZ’s role?

We do the hard yards behind the scenes (like organising the venue, catering and networking opportunities) but you do the rest, shaping the event to fit what you, the community, want to hear about.   

Is NetHui for me?

Of course! NetHui is for everybody that wants to talk about the Internet.

NetHui is open and diverse. We aim to provide a safe space for everybody – regardless of age, occupation, gender, ethnicity, or background – to come together and talk. We expect everyone to have a respectful, open attitude. We also have a Code of Conduct that all participants agree to adhere to.

Put simply, if you’re looking for a safe, open, inclusive space to engage with your community about the Internet and all that goes with it, then NetHui will be your kind of place.

What do I have to do at NetHui?

You can come along and listen to the conversations, and you have the chance to participate as little or as much as you like. It’s all about listening, learning and participating at a level that feels right for you.

At the heart of NetHui are 1-hour discussion sessions on topics and issues suggested by the NetHui community. There will also be a keynote, panels and social functions. Whether you’re a participant or a facilitator, here’s a guide on how to get the most out of your NetHui experience.

However, we understand that centre-stage isn’t for everybody, and there’s heaps of other ways to be involved. You can even get involved in the conversation online. The events will be live-streamed, and we will have a live-chat set-up so if you’re watching from afar you’ll still be able to participate. People will also be making collaborative notes of the sessions.

How is the programme developed?

We have gathered all your ideas for sessions and side events and the programme committee is hard at work with the community to start building the programme. 

You can read more about the programme process.