AMBER CRAIG - Election Statement (Council)

Amber Craig

Naku te rourou nau te rourou ka ora ai te iwi

Ko Kurahaupō te waka
Ko Tara tōku tīpuna
Ko Te Whanganui-a-Tara te moana
Ko Muaūpoko tōku iwi i te taha o tōku kuia
No Pōneke ahau
Ko John rāua ko Maryanne ōku mātua
Ko Amber tōku ingoa
Tēnā koutou, Tēnā koutou, Tēnā koutou katoa

I have had the privilege of being an InternetNZ Councillor for the past three years and would like to return for another term to help complete some of the projects I have started on the Council. I believe InternetNZ is moving into a new framework of engagement and inclusiveness which is exciting, and I want to continue providing a unique perspective adding value to the group.

I believe the Internet is for everyone, not just the privileged. That morally we have an obligation to consider the impacts of the decisions we make, on the diverse Internet community we serve. A good example of this is the right to privacy, someone's privacy is the difference between their safety - and even life or death.

I feel strongly that we should be listening to the voices of those who might not be heard and of the people who we want to be members in the future. The people who might not yet understand who or what Internet NZ is, but in time will understand and recognise the value we as an organisation provide.

Some of my highlights on Council include being instrumental in the establishment of the Māori Engagement committee, a governance group set up to explore how we internally look at Māori culture within our organisation. We are currently looking at how we build a strategy to provide a mutually beneficial relationship between InternetNZ and the Māori community. This important journey has only just begun and I would like to see this piece of work through to completion.

As a Councillor I have committed many extra hours to the cause by taking active roles in the Membership Engagement Committee and the Audit and Risk Committee. These are both important areas as we work through what is our member value proposition and how do we get non members signed up and interested in InternetNZ? My contribution to the Audit & Risk committee has included setting up processes to help reduce risk as well as ensuring our audits & policies are regularly tested and/or reviewed.

In all committee work I have been involved with I have advocated for yearly plans to be developed to ensure that Committee members have a manageable workload throughout the year. The benefit is to be realistic in what we can accomplish. In addition I have come up with solutions for more efficient means of communications around committees. Creating a summary page of minutes to highlight key points is vital for staff, councillors and members to understand what is happening, reducing the need for more time spent reading.

It’s been great to see InternetNZ mature over the past three years. I believe we have made steps towards being a more collaborative, efficient team across the entire group. I don’t think we are perfect and we have a lot of work to continue on with but I feel like we have made great progress. I would like to continue this journey and apply the best of my experience, knowledge and skills to the next three years.