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Netflix, Hulu, US iTunes… I want to be anywhere but here.

NetflixWhat happens to the New Zealand Internet when no one wants to be a part of it anymore?

Why we're fans of Open Source

The New Zealand Open Source Awards are happening on 12 November at Te Papa (you can purchase a ticket for $45 by emailing and InternetNZ is a proud sponsor of them. But we thought it was a good opportunity to elaborate why we support and celebrate things Open Source.

Bouquet to Chorus

Frequently when people ask “is anyone else seeing this” questions on the New Zealand Network Operators Group (NZNOG) list they get a large number of replies, but in a case over the last week, a company at the centre of the concern has demonstrated to the industry how to handle these sorts of technical queries.

Wifi art thou

Right now I'm in South East Asia, not staying at a 5-star hotel but a very modest 3-star. 

There is a peep-hole in the door which isn't unusual, but it's largely superfluous as the 6 inch crack in the wall next to the door offers a much better view.  The wiring around my bedside table lamp isn't what you'd call safe either.