APRICOT 2016 - a few weeks away but still time for speaking submissions

JordanCarterA blog post from Jordan Carter, Chief Executive at InternetNZ
28 January 2015

APRICOT is a big, international technical conference aimed at people who operate the networks that make up the Internet we all know and love. APRICOT stands for Asia Pacific Regional Internet Conference on Operational Technologies which is just a long way of saying technical content for network operators and having it spell a fruit.

We at InternetNZ are doing our bit to make sure APRICOT is an inclusive event. Like with NetHui, we believe APRICOT should welcome perspectives from across the Internet community in its full diversity.

We've made sure that APRICOT 2016 has a code of conduct (linked below) which seeks to ensure that people from all the diverse areas of the networking field feel comfortable attending.

There is however one area where it's really hard to ensure diversity without your help...

At APRICOT we call for submissions for presentations and then ensure that the best of these are placed into the schedule and presented to the attendees. So the first step in getting something on the programme is submitting a suggestion. Like NetHui, it's important for us all to learn from the experiences and perspectives of a diverse range of people. You may have an insight or knowledge and experience to share that would be of value to the audience.

So this is your call to action. There's still time to pitch a topic for a presentation. It might look like the submission date has passed, but we'll make room for you.

If you, or someone you know, is thinking of submitting a talk to APRICOT then please get the submission in using the following link this week.

APRICOT 2016 - paper submission 

The areas we are looking for content are in the following areas.

  • IPv4 / IPv6 Routing and operations
  • IPv6 deployment and transition technologies
  • Internet backbone operations
  • ISP and Carrier services
  • IXPs and Peering - Research on Internet Operations and Deployment
  • Pacific/Oceania Internet
  • Software Defined Networking / Network Function Virtualisaton
  • Network security issues (NSP-SEC, DDoS, Anti-Spam, Anti-Malware)
  • DNS / DNSSEC - Internet policy (Security, Regulation, Content Management, Addressing, etc)
  • Access and Transport Technologies, including Cable/DSL, 3G/LTE, wireless, metro ethernet, fibre, MPLS
  • Content and Service Delivery (Multicast, Voice, Video, "telepresence", Gaming) and Cloud Computing
  • Automation and Orchestration techniques for Network Operators

If you think you might be interested, but want to find out more before you decide, have a chat with Ellen Strickland or Dean Pemberton - their emails are listed below. They can talk you through what's involved, help you figure out whether and how to take the next step, and talk through the logistics of speakers attending the conference.