August .nz Advisory Panel meeting

A guest blog from Sue Chetwin, chair of the .nz policy review panel

16 September 2019

To what extent do human rights compete with other important concepts such as an open internet, and how should they be prioritised or regulated? These are some of the gnarly questions the .nz Advisory Panel will wrestle with over the next 12 months as it reviews .nz domain names policies and practices.

As a panel there is a broad range of expertise, but we want input and ideas from many New Zealanders from as many walks of life as possible.

We started exploring how we might get that input at our second meeting recently. Nethui on 3-4 October will be a chance for you to have your say. Please come along to meet the panel and talk to us directly!

Our recent meeting was also an opportunity to build on our knowledge of the domain name space. Presentations from InternetNZ staff included the workings of the .nz registry system, and relevant data and research on the domain name space.

The Domain Name Commission also presented on how the industry is encouraged to comply with the .nz policies. A recent independent review by David Pickens confirmed the Commission is functioning well. The Commission is currently working innovatively to improve its dispute resolution service.

Stay tuned for ways to give us your thoughts and ideas.