Being cyber smart with your .nz domain name

A blog post from Caleb Smith, Support Analyst at the Domain Name Commission 

woman at computerCyber Smart Week has made an impact this week, and organisations across New Zealand are promoting safer online habits. New Zealand’s Computer Emergency Response Team (CERT) has provided a few key actions that can help you stay safer online. These apply to anyone who uses the Internet, and it’s worth taking five minutes to learn how to #getcybersmart. You can see the list at the CERT’s website

As well as the general rules outlined by our friends at the CERT, there are a few more specific tips to keep in mind if you use a .nz domain name.

Keep your registration details up to date

Keeping your registration details up to date is an easy way to keep your .nz domain name secure. Make sure your registrant contact email is current, as this ensures you can reliably receive payment reminders from your provider, and any other communication regarding your domain name. You can see your current registration details by typing your domain name into the search box at the Domain Name Commission (DNC) website

Keep your login details secure

This one applies for all systems that involve logging into an online account, and your domain name is no exception. If your domain name provider provides an online control panel for your domain name, it’s important that only you have access to this. You should also make sure your password is long, strong and unique, and if possible, enable two-factor-authentication (2FA)


The Domain Name System Security Extensions (DNSSEC) improve the security of the Domain Name System (DNS) and provide increased protection for activities such as browsing the Internet and email. DNSSEC ensures that the website displayed on your computer really is the genuine website that you intended to visit.  It works, in simple terms, by using encoded “keys,” like passwords, that your web browser looks up in the DNS to verify that you are viewing the genuine website. If you have a public-facing website on your domain name, deploying DNSSEC provides additional security assurances to people visiting your site. Several .nz authorised registrars (domain name providers that the Commission has authorised) offer DNSSEC. You can see which providers offer this service on the DNC website.

These are just a few tips to improve security for your domain name. If you have specific questions about your .nz domain name, feel free to contact the Domain Name Commission on