Hot topics of NetHui 2017: Policies and social implications

How should we run our Internet in a way that is inclusive and as safe as possible for everyone? How do we rebalance rights and interests that new Internet enabled technologies imbalance? What implications could the Internet have on our society, and our rules and norms for living together?

There’s a really neat cluster of topics on the NetHui 2017 programme that are grappling with these very questions in different ways. Just like all of the NetHui programme, these discussions would benefit from as many different viewpoints coming together as possible - so if these sound interesting to you, then come along next week.

Here’s a taster of some of these tricky policy and social challenge topics on the agenda:

  • Sex sells, but who is paying?: The global porn industry is worth an estimated US$100 billion annually, yet performers have seen their wages plummet and piracy is rampant. Sex work is legal in New Zealand and other countries, yet many payment processors ban sex workers and porn actors from using their platforms. A nipple can get you suspended from Facebook or Instagram before an incitement to violence will. What happens when moralising turns into gatekeeping? Are we building an internet where small business owners are locked out of the technology and tools they need to succeed?

  • Copyright: Copyright impacts all New Zealanders - whether they are creating, accessing, using or interacting with content. We'll discuss the impacts of the rapidly changing digital environment, the drivers for reform and why we have copyright.

  • Setting the agenda for public, private and community sector collaboration: We’re now in a unique position to let the new incoming government know what’s important to us, so that the public, private, and community sectors can all collaborate to build the future we all want to live in. What are the critical issues for you? Come to this highly interactive session where we’ll work in groups to set the priorities for the next decade.

  • Privacy’s new look: In the age of social media, information sharing and analytics, with massive data breaches seemingly every other day, privacy has been declared dead (again). Guess what… It’s not! In fact, privacy’s got a new look and it’s never looked better. We’ll discuss changing the way you think about privacy and how designing for trust by doing the right thing, in the right way, at the right time with information is a key to future success. We aim to leave you with some practical steps that you can use to build trust into your design processes and turn ‘doing privacy right’ into a competitive advantage.

  • Harmful Digital Communications Act: It’s now been nearly two years since the Harmful Digital Communications Act came into force, and a year NetSafe started work with its new responsibilities as the Approved Agency to help people with issues around harm online. What has changed under this new Act regime, and is it working as intended? What else can be done to reduce harm online?

  • Internet Filtering Debate: Good cop Andrew & bad cop Shane will lead a discussion on the topic of internet filtering by NZ Govt agencies. Shane will take the affirmative explaining that the benefits to society of filtering outweigh the costs, while Andrew will vigorously defend every New Zealander's right to an open and accessible internet.

We’re lucky to live in a small, accessible democracy that has increasingly world class technology. That means that we also have the potential to address these challenges in new and novel ways that are unique to who we are as the people of Aotearoa New Zealand. Conversations like these above at NetHui 2017 are the places where we can explore what solutions there could be to those challenges, together.

Come and join these conversations and add your perspectives by registering for NetHui now, and we will see you on Thursday and Friday at the Aotea Centre.