The Internet of Things in NZ - what do we need to do now?

Andrew CushenA blog post from Andrew Cushen, InternetNZ's Deputy Chief Executive
15 November 2016

Today we’ve released a discussion starter doc on the Internet of Things (IoT) in New Zealand. The IoT is the new wave of technology that will change the world and the way we live. Think self driving cars and smart lighting. You can find it here.

The IoT is undoubtedly an exciting area of innovation and potential at the moment. Accordingly, we see quite a bit of interest and activity around the IoT in New Zealand.

  • What are the commercial and economic opportunities?
  • What should the Government be doing to help enable those opportunities?
  • And what are the vendor solutions to help deliver those opportunities?
  • What are the security and privacy implications of this new tech wave?

In response to these same interests, other countries like Australia have formed a new alliance to explore these opportunities and release a report on what this means for Australia. NZTech is leading a similar process here in New Zealand. The New Zealand Government is equally interested in these questions too.

We want to add to this conversation. We’ve prepared this discussion starter because while we see the same innovation and potential, we also see some other perspectives and big issues at play with the IoT. We want to ensure that the conversation around the benefits, uses and potential of this tech takes all of these views and opportunities into account.

Specifically, we are interested in:

  • encouraging a wider set of perspectives around the IoT for New Zealand including:
    • academic angles,
    • small business opportunities,
    • self-creation options,
    • privacy and personal information implications, and
    • security management.
  • discussing these in an open format, around our Speaker Series event on 8 December (RSVP here if you want to come along).
  • gaining further input into a position paper that we will release early in 2017.

Our discussion starter is the next way we seek to broaden out this conversation. You will find a series of questions in there, which we would welcome your responses on. You can send those to our Issues Manager Ben Creet at

We are also keen on other things that we haven’t asked; please let us know what is on your mind when you think of the IoT, and how we can broaden this conversation to ensure it truly reflects the benefits,uses and potential of this technology.

Our goal in this work is to maximise the full range of benefits of the IoT. If you’re keen on helping us with that, do please get in touch - and do please come along to our Speaker Series event too!