InternetNZ 2017 wrap up

It’s been quite a year here at InternetNZ!

This is an organisation with a pretty simple premise: that from openness comes good, and that the Internet can help create a better world. We’ve had a busy year doing work that can help achieve that vision.

Here are some of the things I am proud we’ve achieved:

  • Another successful national NetHui

  • A rising annual commitment to community funding – hitting $700k this year

  • Position papers on topics that are close to the Internet community’s heart, including papers on encryption that the NBR described as “must-reads”

  • Speaker Series events on five topics – such as “food” including some very nice physical, rather than digital, specimens!

  • Launch of the Digital Divide Map in partnership with the 2020 Trust.

  • A quality contribution to the global debate on Internet freedom and policy

There is of course more. You can check out our 2016/17 Annual Report here to see some more of the detail.

It’s a set of work that has been done by a great team. It’s all the more impressive from my point of view that this work has been done while our governing Council has conducted an organisational review of the whole InternetNZ group of companies, a review that began in late 2016.

Any review like this introduces uncertainty for people working through it. Our task was to keep our busy work plan in place, and we largely managed to do that. I hope you share our enthusiasm for the work we have done this year.

I’m also very pleased to have been chosen by our Council to lead InternetNZ into the next phase of its development. With decisions made to bring NZRS and InternetNZ into a new organisation, and to bring the Domain Name Commission a little closer, there will be quite a few changes in 2018.

We will of course be saying thank you and farewell to some key executives early in 2018 with Jay and Debbie moving on, so there are both big shoes to fill and significant successes to celebrate. As to our future direction, I’ll have more to share with you about that after 15 January, which is my first official day in my new role of group Chief Executive, InternetNZ.

However, at this beginning of the holiday season, I want to put on record one of the best things about the group: we have great people doing great work all across the organisation.

So for now let me just say this: across the work we do, our approach will be consistent: high quality, relevant, focused on what our customers, stakeholders and members expect us to be: a watchdog, a voice, a critical service provider, and an organisation firmly grounded in the principles that have made the Internet such an astonishing success.

From all of us, I hope you have a chance to spend some time over the summer with family and friends. We’re all looking forward to working with you next year.

Jordan Carter