InternetNZ announces 2016/2017 strategic partners

Jordan CarterA blog post from Jordan Carter, InternetNZs Chief Executive

Every year we enter into strategic partnerships with organisations that align with our vision and goals. We work with these partners on a range of issues and provide funding so that they can keep doing what they do best.

We're pleased to announce our strategic partners for the 2016/2017 financial year. We're providing them with $280,000 over the year to ensure they are able to make improvements to the Internet and technology sector.


InternetNZ has committed $90,000 to a partnership with NetSafe for this financial year. Our partnership focuses on educating New Zealanders about safe Internet use and cybercrime issues. This partnership gives us an opportunity to support community-focussed projects and also helps to grow our relationship with NetSafe in their new role as the Approved Agency under the Harmful Digital Communications Act. We will also be collaborating with NetSafe on online safety issues at events like NetHui and supporting their work internationally.

Martin Cocker, Executive Director of Netsafe, says "We are pleased to have renewed this long standing partnership with InternetNZ. This funding support has enabled NetSafe to independently develop services in the online safety space. It directly contributes to helping New Zealand Internet users confidently access digital opportunities and the prevention of online harm."

2020 Trust

We have committed $90,000 to our partnership with the 2020 Trust. Our partnership is focused on improved understanding of the digital divide in New Zealand and increasing Internet access across the board. We are also supporting digital skills training programmes, and are working alongside the 2020 Trust and the Auckland Council to expand Internet access programmes.

"We place a high value on our partnership with Internet NZ" says Laurence Millar of 2020 Trust. "The vision that all New Zealanders fully participate in our digital future is a big challenge, and we are stronger when we work on this together."

Creative Commons Aotearoa New Zealand

Our strategic partnership with Creative Commons Aotearoa sees $50,000 of funding focused on education and research around Internet use and open access information. A focus will be on copyright and licensing of online content in primary and secondary schools.

"I am delighted that our renewed partnership with InternetNZ will allow us to concentrate on helping students learn how to download and create content for legal re-use. We see this as a fundamental student and future citizen outcome," says Fabiana Kubke,
Chair of Creative Commons Aotearoa New Zealand's Advisory Panel.


We have also committed $50,000 to our partnership with Figure.NZ to work on enhancing and promoting access to and use of data through the Internet. This partnership focuses on enabling data use - through projects such as our State of the Internet report - and growing the amount of data available online.

Lillian Grace, CEO of Figure.NZ, says "Getting New Zealand's data open and used is only possible because of the Internet, so it is particularly fitting and delightful for us to partner with InternetNZ on doing this faster."

We are excited to continue work with all four of our strategic partners and are honored to be able to help them continue their great work in the sector.