Introducing our new strategic partner...

A blog post from Vanisa Dhiru, Acting Community Programme Director at InternetNZ.

We partner with a number of organisations that share our vision for the Internet in New Zealand.

We have recently expanded our partnerships and now work with six organisations that share our passion to create greater access, trust and creative potential on the Internet.

We’re providing $375,000 over the year to ensure our partners can continue making improvements to the Internet and technology sector.

We are happy to announce our most recent addition - University of Auckland’s Centre for ICT Law.

The New Zealand Centre for ICT Law is a specialist centre within University of Auckland’s Law School. It investigates, studies and considers the implications of ICT (Information and Communications Technology) within the context of law, technological developments and its impact upon society.

Our partnership works to enhance and promote an understanding and development of law and legal structures surrounding the Internet, which is relevant and useful to the New Zealand public.

We want to enhance trust on the Internet and capture its creative potential by developing and devising certainty and clarity in the law in the online world.

We are also continuing our partnerships with the following organisations.

AUT - New Zealand Work Research Institute

The focus of this partnership is on undertaking and disseminating research around Internet use in New Zealand, through supporting the World Internet Project New Zealand 2016 and 2017 surveys. Additionally, we work with AUT's New Zealand Work Research Institute on supporting a New Zealand Internet Research Forum event.


The focus of this partnership is to enhance access to data about the Internet in New Zealand and to enhance and promote access to other data relevant to the New Zealand public by leveraging the Internet.

Creative Commons

The focus of this partnership is on supporting the use of the Internet in education and research, specifically with activities and resources that support open access models via the Internet in the education and research sectors.

20/20 Trust

The focus of this partnership is on digital inclusion - including community activities which provide digital access and training, research on digital inclusion and supporting greater collaboration on digital inclusion activities. There is a current focus on the Auckland region.


The focus of this partnership is on supporting work undertaken by Netsafe including online safety issues and education, and international Netsafe leadership.

For more information on our strategic partners visit the partnerships page on our website.