Issues round-up: Data centres, webcams and sharing is caring?

Kia ora koutou. Here’s the access, use and security stories that have caught our eyes over the last week. 

Data centres getting smaller AND bigger

So these stories got me thinking about data centres. As cloud gets more and more mainstream we are seeing massive data centres being set up. AWS & Azure centres in Australia are getting pretty damn big while Singapore has put aside 13 hectares for a data centre park which will be able to house 105,000 square meters of “rackable space.” 

BUT, with software defined networking on the rise, and network function virtualisation, networking bods are also starting to say you can actually fit your own datacentre in a closet or, as Erikson is predicting, a pizza box. Sure, the smallest of these future data centres will need 5G networks to work, and will no doubt be supported by the huge data centres, but software really is eating everything!

    Why read when you can share...

    Sadly, our secret shame has been revealed by academics. We don’t really read those articles we share on social media. Some researchers from the US and France tracked links from five major news sites (CNN, The New York Times, The Huffington Post, BBC, and Fox News) and found that almost 60% of links shared on social media hadn’t been opened. Huh. that’s a bit odd right? So, who knows what we’re sharing and maybe we should all start reading and thinking first! 
    And yes, I did read the article. But sadly I didn’t read the actual academic article (would appreciate a cliffs notes version though).

    Taping over your webcam

    Is taping over your webcam only for the professional paranoid and the tin-foil hat wearers? 

    Well… no. The CIA director does it, loads of people do it and now it’s come out that Mark Zuckerberg does too. The short version is that Mr Zuckerberg took some cliched PR-type photo at his desk and people noticed that he tapes over his webcam and the embedded microphone in his macbook. So, should you do it?

    Honestly? I can’t see why you wouldn’t do it, except out of laziness. Laziness is my excuse, and you can see the results in the image below.