Issues Roundup: Have a secure Christmas

James-Ting-EdwardsA blog post from James Ting-Edwards, Issues Advisor at InternetNZ
7 December 2015

Hi everyone,

This week has a slightly security bent as we’re just starting one of the biggest weeks in New Zealand’s information security community. We’ve got the iSANZ awards on Tuesday night, Kiwicon training sessions Tuesday and Wednesday and then the week rounds out with the main event - Kiwicon. This year there is an insane 1400 people attending, including a few of us InternetNZ’ers. You can see more here:

Secure Christmas presents?

So, this article from Slate got us thinking about the “Internet of Me” side of the Internet of Things, and what happens when organisations that don’t have a history in security and Internet services get into this whole ‘cyber’ thing. The level of poor security in these devices would just be amusing, if it wasn’t in kids toys. If you have kids, or are buying presents for kids this christmas then take the time to read this article and please, don’t buy a ‘smart’ toy.

Is the Internet a forest or a garden?

One recent blog out of cloudflare raised an interesting point about Internet governance and culture. Cloudflare’s Michael Nelson was also at the Internet Governance Forum and his takeaway was the difference between two ways of thinking about the Internet and how it should be managed or cared for. ‘Foresters’ care about permissionless innovation as a part of a healthy, diverse ecosystem. ‘Gardeners’ by comparison are after orderly, designed systems that they can actively manage. These look quite different!