The juice on APRICOT

Jordan CarterA blog post from Jordan Carter, Chief Executive of InternetNZ
2 March 2016

Last month we had the pleasure of hosting APRICOT - the Asia-Pacific Internet conference - and we're very happy with how the event went overall. Here are five of my personal highlights - bearing in mind that as a local host, you never get the chance to see as much of the content as you would like!

  • The mixing and mingling. It was wonderful to host such a diverse crowd from around the world in Auckland, and it was a pleasure to talk with many of those attending at the various social functions.
  • Being able to present as part of the IANA Stewardship session on the Monday afternoon - an area I have had real interest in, and where the discussion was lively.
  • The fantastic stats. New Zealand is a long way to come for some people but we saw over 550 delegates, 53 different economies represented and 18,228 minutes of APRICOT viewed via the live stream.
  • The fact the Auckland weather held up for the week of the conference. Auckland in Summer can sometimes be wet, but the sun smiled on us.
  • The tremendous support of a huge range of sponsors for the event, including our energetic local sponsors.

I'll just add one more highlight - the Whisky BoF. Enough said.

It's been a long quest for InternetNZ to host this event for the New Zealand technical community. We first bid when I was a new staffer back in 2005. Being able to be the host this year, eleven years after, has been a real pleasure.

Thank you to everyone who came, and here's hoping we get to meet you again in New Zealand for a future event.