Looking back at ICANN60

17 Nov 2017 
Jordan Carter

ICANN held its latest global public meeting in Abu Dhabi late October through early November, with a few main topics on the agenda. The future of the .AMAZON domain - whether it should be allocated to the U.S. company or to the countries bordering the great river - was much discussed. So was the impact of the European Union's new General Data Protection Regulation, a privacy law coming into full effect next May that makes it difficult for European registries and registrars to comply with ICANN WHOIS requirements to publish domain name details. In the country code domain area, there is slow progress on a Policy Development Process to work out how to deal with the retirement of ccTLDs no longer in use (e.g. .SU for the Soviet Union). There is also discussion happening of whether two-letter codes can be used at the second level of new top-level domains (e.g. nz.yesyoucan). You can find out more here or read a meeting report from CENTR here