Making the Internet a better place, one conference at a time

Vanisa Dhiru11 June 2019
A blog post by Vanisa Dhiru, InternetNZ Community Manager

InternetNZ’s purpose is to help New Zealanders harness the power of the Internet. We are thrilled to enable New Zealanders to attend a diverse range of conferences around the world to increase knowledge, share ideas, and help shape the Internet in New Zealand for the better.

Congratulations to the seven successful conference attendance grant recipients:


Leon Salter from Massey University ($1,549.52)

To attend the Australian & New Zealand Communication Association (ANZCA) conference.

The theme of the conference is data publics and storytelling, and it is focused on the rapid changes to society, power relations and communication practices in the era of ubiquitous online communication, datafication and surveillance.

Cameron Findlay ($3,375)

To attend the Creative Commons Global Summit.

To attend the Creative Commons Global Summit held in Lisbon, Portugal. The 2019 Global Summit runs over three full days and features six tracks, 120 sessions, 450+ Commoners, two evening events including an after party with Tribe of Noise, and 100+ countries represented.

Dr Farkhondeh Hassandoust ($3,500)

To attend the Pacific Asia Conference on Information Systems (PACIS) 2019 conference.

PACIS is the main international Information Systems (IS) conference and the only AIS sponsored conference in the Pacific Asia Region. The primary purpose of PACIS is to enable regional and international Information Systems researchers and practitioners to meet in an annual forum that maximises the opportunity for the exchange of information.

Dr Grace Wang from Auckland University of Technology ($3,092)

To attend the 6th International Conference on Behavioural Addictions (ICBA).

The principal conference theme is "Behavioral addiction: Globally growing issues - need for innovation in prevention and research." It will provide a unique opportunity to share and improve scientific knowledge on non-substance related addictions. Topics will cover both common and less common behavioral addictions and related behavioral disorders, based on a range of research areas, ranging from biological to psychosocial and behavioral studies.

Zoë Haughton from Blind Foundation ($3,500)

To attend the California State University (CSUN) Assistive Technology conference.

It is the premier conference and exhibition on assistive technology available to enhance the lives of people with disabilities. It covers existing and emerging trends in the sector across diverse topics, including education, employment and workplace, independent living, law and policy, entertainment and leisure, and transportation.

Zoë Haughton and Ben Creet in front of plant wall
Zoë Haughton, Blind Foundation and Ben Creet, InternetNZ Policy Manager.

Dr Ethan Plaut from University of Auckland ($3,500)

To attend ACM CompEd 2019.

The ACM Global Computing Education Conference (CompEd) is destined to be the leading global conference on computing education. At the intersection of computing and the learning sciences, the event seeks to promote global computing education development.

Dr Elizabeth Berryman from University of Otago ($3,500)

To attend the International Conference of Digital Health.

The theme of the conference is an innovative bridging for modern healthcare. By innovating in digital health and care, the event hopes to support an ambition towards reducing inefficiencies in healthcare delivery, improving access, reducing costs, increasing quality of care, making health services more person-centered, personalising medicine for each patient’s unique needs.


The 2018/19 conference attendance funding round was launched on 7 January 2019 and closed 7 February 2019. We received a record number of 17 applications for over $75k in funding.

We congratulate these applicants and look forward to hearing how their conference experience and knowledge can help New Zealanders harness the power of the Internet.  

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