More than $100,000 given for Internet research

Vanisa DhiruA blog post from Vanisa Dhiru, Acting Community Programme Director at InternetNZ

We are very excited to announce the successful applicants for the latest Internet research grants. InternetNZ's research grants were launched in November 2016 with over $100,000 in funding made available to fund people undertaking research projects focused on the Internet.

We received nearly 30 applications - all of which were very interesting and worthy of grants. After careful assessment by the Grants Committee and external assessors, and decision by InternetNZ Council, we are very pleased to announce the following recipients.

Chris Hails ($9,715)
This study will evaluate the programmatic identification of cyber security risk profiles that may in future facilitate the delivery of targeted or personalised risk mitigation interventions.

Dr Bodo Lang ($22,450)
This research project will investigate the role of Internet enabled technologies (for example websites and apps) within the sharing economy/collaborative economy/peer-to-peer marketplace.

Dr William Liu from Auckland University of Technology ($15,000)
The main aim of this research is to understand how rural communities in New Zealand are making use of improved Internet connections through government initiatives.

Dr Wendy Wrapson from Auckland University of Technology ($27,000)
This study will focus on Internet usage and social connectedness of residents of aged care facilities.

Prof Gillian Abel from University of Otago, Christchurch ($27,000)
This is a pilot study aiming to understand how the Internet is shaping the way commercial sex is practiced in New Zealand. There has been little research conducted worldwide, and none in New Zealand.

InternetNZ's community grants are an important part of our work to support the community who are developing and using the Internet to benefit Kiwis. We are so happy that we can support New Zealanders and people within our Internet community to conduct research that can help in creating a better Internet for us all. We look forward to seeing the results of these research projects and sharing this information with others both online and in forums like the NZ Internet Research Forum.

Don’t forget, the Expressions of Interest are open for the NZ Internet Research Forum which will be held the day  before NetHui on 8 November 2017 in Auckland. Let us know what you want to talk about by filling in a short form here.