NetHui: It's your business too

This year’s NetHui will be held 8-10 July at Sky City in Auckland. The broad theme this year is “The Internet is Everybody’s Business”, and, as we tend to, we're looking for the diverse NetHui community to help shape the programme with an exciting range of ideas and suggestions. And, of course, looking for volunteers to help facilitate sessions, contribute to sessions and panels, and to run side events, meet-ups... and generally make NetHui 2015 the best yet! 

So if you have any ideas and/or are able to volunteer to be a part of NetHui 2015, we want to hear from you. You can fill out the Expression of Internet form here 

All the input and ideas received will then be presented at a NetHui 2015 community programme planning meeting to be held the evening of Thursday 21 May (next week!).  We ask everyone who contributed to come grab a drink and some nibbles from 530pm before starting the serious business of talking NetHui 2015 at 6pm for an hour. 

There will be two physical locations for the meeting- one in the Auckland InternetNZ Office and one in the Wellington InternetNZ office, which will be linked by video conference. There will also be remote participation available. At the meeting we will present an outline of the input received, discuss a proposed approach to combining related ideas and suggestions into sessions, give an overview of panels, side events and keynotes confirmed so far... and also get general feedback on any gaps or ideas which can be addressed in the programme to round out the event. If you can attend the community programme meeting please RSVP to and let us know whether you will be coming to Wellington, Auckland or attending online.

We’re looking for maximum turn-out for NetHui 2015 and we’re keen for as many of the Internet community to get involved in the programme process! Drop us a line if you would like to discuss more. We're also always looking for sponsors and community supporter organisations, so if your organisation wants to be a part of NetHui 2015, we'd love to discuss more.

In the meantime we'd really appreciate if you could please encourage your networks to share their ideas or register for more information for NetHui 2015 at