.nz Advisory Panel releases its Issues Report

A guest blog from Sue Chetwin, chair of the .nz policy review panel
14 February 2020

The .nz Advisory Panel has hit a key milestone this month in completing its Issues Report. The report articulates the Panel’s identified issues with the existing policies that shape and regulate the .nz domain name space. 

The report focuses on the issues that most align with InternetNZ’s strategic objectives. These are Internet openness, access, security and through important lenses of privacy, competition, market growth, human rights and Māori interests. It captures the engagement with New Zealanders and touches on findings about similar ccTLDs.

You can find the report here.

At this month’s Panel meeting, we kicked off on the next phase of our review. We are working together to prioritise the issues and develop options to overcome them. In doing so, we will draw on our scan of how other ccTLDs manage similar issues. 

We also began working through our engagement approach. The next few months will be a busy and exciting time for the Panel as it identifies any remaining issues and solidifies its proposed options to invite public submissions in April. 

We will now be moving into the engagement phase that leads up to our development of the “Options paper”⁠—the paper that sets out recommended solutions to the issues identified. We will be attempting to engage with a wide variety of parties⁠—and we welcome proactive feedback too. We will be putting the call out for that soon, but as always if you have any comments at this stage please email policy@internetnz.net.nz

I encourage you to keep an ear and eye out for when we publish this options paper.