Copyright affects what you can do online. A couple of weeks ago we put up a video asking for your input:

Video - passport control at the supermarket

Our comic below raises the same question - how can we develop a copyright law that works for NZ consumers and creative people?

NZ Copyright Comic

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Text of comic strip

Panel 1
NZ: Person holding popcorn near couch and TV
“Alright! TV time”
Caption: Kiwis love watching films and TV as much as the rest of the world.

Panel 2
USA: People sitting on couch watching “Season 5, Episode 3”
Caption:    We want to watch the same shows, at the same time as our friends on their 'O.E.s'

Panel 3
NZ: Person watching a “loading...” screen
Speech bubble:    “Aww, Cmon!”

Panel 4
People at water cooler
Speech bubble:    “Hey, did you see…”
Speech bubble:    “Shut up!”
Caption: So why do we have to wait, plugging our ears at the water-cooler, avoiding social media for days, when we are perfectly willing to pay?

Panel 5
Person with hands over ears, TV screen reads “SPOILER”
Speech bubble:    “Ahhh!”

Panel 6
Person at small shelf unit
Speech bubble: “Anything new?”
Caption: In New Zealand there are a number of channels where you can legitimately access online content.

Panel 7
Person in sunglasses holding US flag, dwarfed by huge sweeping shelves
Speech bubble: “Choice is choice!”
Caption: But why does a consumer in the US have more choice, when we are supposed to be paying for the same product?

Panel 8
Caption: This is because of geo-blocking. It's like going to the supermarket, loading up your trolley, then being told at the checkout you're not allowed to buy what you want, because you live in New Zealand.

Panel 9
Supermarket checkout. Person with trolley and checkout operator in police-style hat.
Checkout staff:    “You shall not pass! With those bananas.”
Customer: “But England just went through?”
Checkout staff:    “Only Kiwifruit for you!”

Panel 10
Caption: InternetNZ supports sensible copyright law that protcts content producers and allows consumers a fair choice.    

Panel 11
Screen reading "latest release", bracketed on the left by a globe and on the right by a map of New Zealand. Both sides have people sitting on their local couches.
Caption: We want all Kiwis, both home and overseas, to be able to watch up-to-the-minute entertainment, media, and news. We have an opportunity coming up in the next Copyright Act Review to find a way that protects content producers and allows for digital innovation

Panel 12
Person addressing audience.
Speech bubble: “So what do you think? Join the conversation at InternetNZ.nz”

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