Proud past but looking forward to the future

Jordan CarterA blog post from Jordan Carter, InternetNZ Chief Executive 

InternetNZ has been through a lot of change over the past year. We have had a major organisational review – with many staff and public consultations – and as a result we have a new structure. The old InternetNZ has merged with NZRS and now we are one organisation under the name of InternetNZ.

Today we are releasing our annual report. As you can imagine, it is full of information from the past year. Our teams have been hard at work making .nz and the Internet in New Zealand a safe and thriving place. The annual report is a nice reflection of all of this hard work from across the many teams here at InternetNZ.  

For the first time, all of this information is on an interactive digital-first site. You can scan through and read pieces you are interested in and watch a quick video from myself and our President Jamie reflecting on the year. Check it out here:

It’s nice to try something different from the static pdf and printed version we are used to. This type of thing makes me excited about what our digital platforms could look like going forward.

Yes we are a newly merged organisation – but there is still a lot of work to do. We are currently working on how our whole brand family fits together. We are spending a lot of time and thinking in to what our purpose is and how we can use our resources to help New Zealanders get the most out of the Internet. One of the key outputs – once we have this nailed our purpose and focus – is a new digital platform for our engagement with you, our community.

We are InternetNZ and we want to have powerful, engaging and user friendly platforms that make it easy for people to learn about and get involved with our work. This year’s annual report doesn’t reflect what this will look like in the future but it certainly helps us realise that we need to move our work to modern platforms that harness best of breed and latest tech.

If you have any opinions or questions about the content in our annual report – or perhaps the new platform it sits on – we would be really keen to hear your thoughts. Flick me an email at