What are you doing this week… booking your place at NetHui?!

We are now less than two weeks away from the fabulous community meetup and discussion about all things Internet that is NetHui - which in case you’ve forgotten, is on the 9-10th of November at the Aotea Centre in Auckland. Registrations are limited, so if you’ve been meaning to come along, now’s the time to make the choice!

If you’re wondering about what is on that may be of interest to you, then come and check out the programme. In particular, we have a wide range of different discussion and download topics. These are designed to hear from you about what you think the opportunities and challenges are, and to add your voice to making the most of the Internet in New Zealand.

Here’s some examples of the what will be happening that you can be part of:

  1. Want to join a discussion about drones? The brand new CAA approved "Incredible Skies" drone test range in the Hokianga region is attracting companies from all over the world to test here in NZ. Come find out what what makes NZ so attractive and what what this mean for us and the rural and largely Māori communities underneath the airspace by joining the session with the awesome Robyn Kamira on Thursday 9th at 1130.

  2. Perhaps copyright is more your thing? Come and join Katrina Sutich from MBIE, Jessica Coates from the Australian Libraries Copyright Committee, and Mandy Henk from Creative Commons as they discuss impacts of the rapidly changing digital environment, the drivers for copyright reform and why we have copyright.

  3. Is Artificial Intelligence something that you want to explore? Then come join Peter Harrison and answer questions like: How will these learning machines be used? What are the implications for human labour? Should we regulate them? At what point do they deserve rights?

That’s just three of the sessions we have on the first day alone, out of the dozens across the NetHui event. Check out the programme and see if there’s something that you want to discuss too.

NetHui works best when we have a diversity of voices, opinions and ideas. If you want to be part of the discussion, then make sure you get your registration in this weekend. You can take care of that the NetHui website here. See you at the Aotea Centre!