August .nz Advisory Panel meeting

To what extent do human rights compete with other important concepts such as an open internet, and how should they be prioritised or regulated?

The ACCC Report - lessons for Aotearoa?

At the end of July, the Australian competition regulator published the final report of its inquiry into Digital Platforms. The Australian Government is seeking input on the recommendations it contains.

The .nz Policy Advisory Panel weighs big issues

A guest blog from Sue Chetwin: I recently chaired the first meeting of the .nz Advisory Panel – we’re reviewing the policies that regulate the New Zealand domain name space on the Internet to ensure they are robust and reflect today’s thinking.

Commercial team grows at InternetNZ

I am excited to share that we have two new team members joining InternetNZ

New experts join our team - Policy and Security

Back in April, I wrote about a couple of new roles we were creating to help with our vision of an Internet that is open, secure and for all New Zealanders.

Council elections 2019

InternetNZ held its Annual General Meeting last night, and our members elected two Councillors for a three-year term.

.nz Policy Panel announcement

Over the next year, we’re undertaking an important review of the policies related to the .nz domain name space. How .nz works affects almost all Kiwis in one way or another.

Policy team responding to Christchurch call

Last week Dr Ellen Strickland blogged about how InternetNZ has been engaging with the Christchurch Call. Here in the Policy team, we’re a part of that work and we wanted to follow up Ellen’s blog with an update on what we’ve heard from our members, and the things we’re thinking about when it comes to regulatory change here in New Zealand.

Christchurch Call - Next steps

It’s been seven weeks since the Christchurch Call was made from Paris, led by Prime Minister Ardern, committing tech companies and governments to address terrorism and violent extremism online. From and since those meetings, companies and governments made a range of collective and individual commitments to action.

InternetNZ and Product Development

The first in a series of posts about our efforts to grow and diversify revenue that enables us to better help New Zealanders harness the power of the Internet.