InternetNZ and Product Development

The first in a series of posts about our efforts to grow and diversify revenue that enables us to better help New Zealanders harness the power of the Internet.

Telling it how it is. Up front and transparently

Happy Privacy Awareness Week for 2019. This year’s theme is Protecting privacy is everyone's responsibility.

InternetNZ funds projects working to close digital divides

We are thrilled to fund so many deserving projects helping us on our journey toward bridging digital divides in New Zealand.

Supporting vital voices to the Christchurch Call

The “Christchurch Call’ meeting is being held in Paris on 15 May 2019. With this important conversation happening, we’ve been thinking about how we can help as many voices be heard as possible in these discussions.

Johnny Foreigner and our elections

Last week we submitted to Parliament’s Justice Committee on the topic of foreign interference in our elections.

How to stop the ‘Christchurch Call’ on social media and terrorism falling flat

Jacinda Ardern this morning announced that New Zealand and France are working together to bring tech companies and nation states together in Paris in mid-May to agree to a “Christchurch Call”. In the PM’s words, this will be a pledge “to eliminate terrorist and violent extremist content online”.

Ensuring .nz can respond to emergencies and crises

Since the Christchurch mosque terrorist attack of 15 March, organisations all over Aotearoa have been responding to the aftermath.

Copyright updating... please wait

Our 25-year-old copyright law is out of date and badly needs an update to meet the needs of New Zealanders in the Internet era. Check out our submission to the Government.