International expert on human rights and the Internet visiting NZ next week

We are very excited to have Niels ten Oever visiting New Zealand next week. Niels is an international expert in human rights in a digital world, and is the Head of Digital at Article 19, an international organisation dedicated to defending freedom of expression and information.

Issues Roundup: open wifi, losing Melbourne and poor ethics in infosec

A blog post from the InternetNZ issues team with cool things that caught their eye over the weekend. This week: open wifi, losing Melbourne and poor ethics in infosec.

Reviewing the Telco Act: Let’s get it right the first time

Right now, the Government is part-way through a review of the Telecommunications Act. This will set rules for how broadband services operate in New Zealand, ultimately determining the quality of services we all get and the prices we pay for them. It’s a complicated process and as a nation we need to take the time now to get it right.

Our thoughts on the Vodafone/Sky Merger Application

We’ve recently submitted on the Vodafone & Sky merger application. This blog takes you through our submission, why we’ve done it, and what’s at stake for the Internet in New Zealand.

Issues Round-up: FCC loses, 111 calls, #CensusFail and human rights online

Phew, now that we're done giving up our weekly blog spot to guests to talk about ISP Spotlight we're back into our weekly round-ups of Internet access, use and security stories that have caught our eyes recently.

Why aren’t you transparency reporting?

This guest blog by Trade Me's Jon Duffy talks about why NZ organisations are not doing transparency reports - and why it's so important that we turn this around. 

Transparency is good. We know because Trade Me just released its fourth transparency report. Four years on, it is surprising that apparently we're the only company in New Zealand regularly doing this, especially in the current privacy environment.

Accessible online billing

In this guest blog, looking at the issues behind the ISP Spotlight, web accessibility expert Kevin Prince talks about why it is important that ISPs make online billing accessible to all customers.

So I’ve been asked to make the case for online billing by ISPs, isn’t it a no-brainer? Fortunately all our surveyed ISPs agreed and offer online billing. To me it’s about choice and convenience - I can:

We're making transparency reporting easier

Ben CreetA blog post from Ben Creet, Issues Manager at InternetNZ
2 August 2016

New Council 2016/17

Jordan CarterA blog post from Jordan Carter, Chief Executive of InternetNZ
1 August 2016

InternetNZ is governed by a Council elected by members of the organisation, with four spots coming up each year. Last Friday saw a competitive race with eleven nominees for the four available spots. The votes were tallied and interim results announced Friday evening, and scrutinised results on Saturday.

ISP Spotlight: why data breach notification?

In this guest blog, looking at the issues behind the ISP Spotlight, New Zealand's Privacy Commissioner John Edwards talks about why it is important that ISPs tell customers when their data is breached.

Losing information, communicating honestly and taking control

If you trusted someone to look after something for you, you'd expect them to tell you if they lost it, right? Personal information is no different. If your ISP loses your information, sends it to the wrong place, has it stolen by hackers or accidentally publishes it, you expect them to tell you.