APRICOT 2016 - a few weeks away but still time for speaking submissions

JordanCarterA blog post from Jordan Carter, Chief Executive at InternetNZ
28 January 2015

APRICOT is a big, international technical conference aimed at people who operate the networks that make up the Internet we all know and love. APRICOT stands for Asia Pacific Regional Internet Conference on Operational Technologies which is just a long way of saying technical content for network operators and having it spell a fruit.

Worried about porn? Filtering the Internet is NOT the answer


A blog post from Andrew Cushen, Work Programme Director at InternetNZ
25 January 2016

Our Deputy Chief Censor, Jared Mullen, has shared his thoughts about the challenges of restricting access to hardcore, degrading pornography on Office of Film, Video and Literature’s (OFLC) blog site (please note the warning that he provides at the start of the article).


BenCreetA blog post from Ben Creet, Senior Issues Advisor at InternetNZ
19 January 2016

Secure the Internet is an international open letter to global leaders asking them to strengthen the security of communications and systems and:

Top 10 predictions for the Internet in 2016

AndrewCushenA blog post from Andrew Cushen, Work Programme Director at InternetNZ
19 January 2016

Predictions are tricky, but here is what we think are issues that are likely to crop up for the Internet in 2016. We'd love to know what you think too - come along to our member meet-ups over the next few weeks and let us know!

Pwning Tomorrow: a book review

The Electronic Frontier Foundation (the EFF) recently published Pwning Tomorrow (playing off the leetspeak term ‘pwn’, meaning ‘to own’).  They are calling it a speculative Fiction Anthology.  It contains a number of short stories that use science fiction as a way to look at some of the issues facing us in the coming years. You can download Pwning Tomorrow as a ebook from the EFF site by following this link:

New Zealand Internet Research Forum

Are you involved with, or interested in, Internet research in New Zealand?

InternetNZ, in conjunction with AUT's Institute of Culture, Discourse and Communication, is holding the second New Zealand Internet Research Forum and we’d love you to attend.

Small town community news site rises above the rest

Megan BakerA blog post from Megan Baker, Communications Lead at InternetNZ
11 January 2016

This is the second blog post to showcase the three New Zealand based winners of the 2015 Australia and New Zealand Internet Awards (ANZIAs). It features a community news website called the Tamahere Forum which was the deserving winner of the Leonie Dunbar Memorial Award for Community Websites.

Top 10 predictions for 2015 - how did we do?

Andrew-CushenA blog post from Andrew Cushen, Work Programme Director at InternetNZ
15 December 2015

Issues Roundup: Have a secure Christmas

James-Ting-EdwardsA blog post from James Ting-Edwards, Issues Advisor at InternetNZ
7 December 2015

Hi everyone,

Issues Round-up: Copyright, Ransomware, iPredict

Issues Round-up: Copyright, Ransomware, iPredict

James-Ting-EdwardsWelcome once again to our weekly roundup blog! A blog post from James Ting-Edwards
2 December 2015