Towards a world without mass surveillance

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A blog post from Ben Creet, Senior Issues Advisor at InternetNZ
1 June 2016

What the EFF are trying to do here makes a lot of sense to us. So I was tasked with analysing their plan, gauging whether we can do something to help and then identifying what parts of it we can contribute to.

Issues round-up: connected cars, Swift loses money, and the right to be forgotten

Kia ora koutou,

Another short post on a couple of stories that have caught our attention here in the Issues team. Enjoy and have a great week!

WHATIS? WHOIS? Privacy? Huh? Have Your Say!

In Privacy Week, there’s a debate going on about publication of addresses and contact details as part of the registration of a .nz domain name. In this long post, InternetNZ Chief Executive Jordan Carter shares his take on the issue and fleshes out a bit of the background. Submissions are due by 7 June – have your say!

When you register a domain name, you provide a set of details as part of the registration process.

It's privacy week

It’s privacy week and the theme is “privacy in your hands.” We'll be attending a bunch of Privacy week events (I'm personally looking forward to Tuesday's talk about ransomware). So, with privacy on my mind and my mind on privacy here is a couple of recent stories and tools have bubbled up which y’all might be interested in.

At last! A CERT for New Zealand

Andrew Cushen A blog post from Andrew Cushen, Work Programme Director at InternetNZ
6 May 2016

Yesterday, the Government announced that they are providing $20 million over four years to fund the building of a Computer Emergency Response Team (CERT) function for New Zealand - CERTNZ.

Clarifying the .nz stewardship framework - a Memorandum of Understanding

Jordan CarterA blog post from Jordan Carter, Chief Executive of InternetNZ
2 May 2016

InternetNZ was founded in the 1990s with a purpose of being a voice for the Internet community. Under the global policy framework for the domain name system, individuals, organisations, or sometimes governments in each country, were given the job of running the local ccTLD in the interests of the local Internet community.

Review of the Telecommunications Act

A blog post from Reg Hammond, Policy Consultant at InternetNZ
22 April 2016

Issues Round-up: Panama leaks, online content moderation, MP-TCP

Welcome to another edition of the Issues Team blog! Today we’re all about information: how the Panama papers leaks were possible, how big Internet platforms decide what you can and can't see, and a technology for getting *as much data as possible* by combining Internet connections.

ICANN's journey to global control - a recap and update

Jordan CarterA blog post from Jordan Carter, Chief Executive of InternetNZ
18 April 2016

This post gives you a quick update on the progress of the accountability and global stewardship changes at ICANN, currently undergoing United States government consideration.