InternetNZ Comments to the 52nd APECTel Meeting, Auckland

It's been a wee while since I blogged, but I thought I would share with you all the comments I made today at the (to use the full formal title) 52nd Meeting of the APEC Telecommunications and Information Working Group, which is currently being held in Auckland, New Zealand.

As always, keen to discuss these points with our members!


Please note, this statement is not a verbatim copy of InternetNZ’s comments to the Plenary, and instead the notes from which that statement was made.

Vision through the broadband murk

I have said before that things always seem to happen in threes, and so it is again. A month or so ago, the Minister of Communications, Amy Adams, released a discussion document on a review of the Telecommunications Act. This is a fundamental look at how the country regulates the communications sector beyond 2020.

Hopes for Dublin

As the 54th ICANN Meeting in Dublin approaches, CCWG-Accountability member and InternetNZ Chief Executive Jordan Carter sets out his hopes for the meeting, and his firm conviction that a path to consensus and speedy resolution of the accountability debate is open – and should be grabbed. 

It’s crunch time.

ICANN Accountability - the chronology and Dublin thoughts

This post shares a referenced chronology of recent accountability-related milestones in the ICANN environment, and offers some thoughts about the stakes at ICANN's Dublin meeting next week.

You’ve probably had an experience in your life of being part of a difficult or complicated project – sometimes things go into a blur, or after months or years you find it hard to remember the order of significant events.

The Internet and the golden age of surveillance

At the moment, in New Zealand, there is an independent review of our intelligence and security agencies going on. That has brought out some dedicated protest movements (which you can read about below), and a recent early stage public consultation.  This will, hopefully, at some point in the future lead to some positive changes to the New Zealand's intelligence agencies and the laws they operate under.

NZ Cyber Security Challenge a huge hit

A blog post from Ellen Strickland, InternetNZ's Community Programme Director

Cyber SecurityLast Friday, the New Zealand Cyber Security Challenge was held at the University of Waikato, organised by the Cyber Security Researchers of Waikato and Computer Science Student Society.

ICANN Accountability and IANA Stewardship update

This is a brief update on the state of play of the two intertwined processes I’ve written about on and off over the past eighteen months: the IANA stewardship transition and the ICANN accountability improvement process.

On the transition…

The long-titled IANA Stewardship Transition Coordination Group (ICG) has pulled together the proposals from the three operational communities affected by the transition. Names, Numbers and Protocols have all set out how they see stewardship after the USA relinquishes its contract with ICANN.


Copyright affects what you can do online. A couple of weeks ago we put up a video asking for your input:

Video - passport control at the supermarket

Our comic below raises the same question - how can we develop a copyright law that works for NZ consumers and creative people?

NZ Copyright Comic

Judge content by its character, not its medium

This week Andrew has blogged about Amy Adams' kicking off an ambitious programme of policy review and work that relates to Convergence (read his blog post).

Initial thoughts on convergence

Pretty big news recently in the Government's release of their Exploring Digital Convergence "Green Paper". You've likely already seen our press release on this; in case you didn't its here: