The ANZIAs are coming! The ANZIAs are coming!

Exciting times ahead - New Zealand is the host of this year's Australia and New Zealand Internet Awards, the ANZIAs! The ANZIAs will be held on 27 August, in Auckland at St Matthews in the City.

Parliament, Legislation, and the Internet

Wellington's BeehiveEarlier this week, I presented to a group of 15 Parliamentarians, plus a couple of dozen staffers, at an event we co-sponsored called the Parliamentary Digital Bootcamp. This was an initiative that we partnered with Google and Facebook on, designed to educate new MPs on how they can utilise the Internet in their work.


#UnfollowMeWe invite guest posts on our InternetNZ blog from members. We do not necessarily endorse the position being taken, however we support open dialogue. This blog post comes from Vivian Chandra from Amnesty International.

Conference and Canterbury community funding round recipients announced!

FundingEvery year InternetNZ gives away money to a bunch of different people and organisations to improve the Internet and our use of it. We do it because our vision is for a better world through a better Internet, and to achieve that vision, we recognise that we are in a position where we can help make others make it a reality.

March 2015 What's Up @InternetNZ

Online surveillanceNetwork Neutrality, a much-used-and-abused term, talks about discrimination between types or sources of content (positive or negative) that is not to do with normal network load/demand management. It's been in the news because the United States telco regulator has changed how it approaches the subject - planning to regulate for strong neutrality provisions. 

Member's meet-ups

As part of our ongoing desire to provide a great membership to our ... err ... members, we're organising members meet-ups.

Come along, talk about Internet issues, talk about InternetNZ, talk about the weather.

We will also be posting the notes here of the discussions.

DNSSEC Validation at Spark NZ

During the last NZNOG meeting in Rotorua, Geoff Huston presented an interesting result from APNIC's continuous research in DNSSEC validation deployment in New Zealand: the country reached a level of 15% of validation among a sample of users. Although these numbers are well below the level of adoption in other countries, like the US with 21.6%, these are at the same level of Australia and a lot better than the UK with 5%, this result carries a surprise: the same metric was sitting at the 8% level in December 2014.

Legislating for E-Manners – Deficiencies and unintended consequences of the Harmful Digital Communications Bill

Cyber bullyingThis is a precis of InternetNZ member Stephanie Panzic's dissertation on the Harmful Digital Communications Bill. It is designed to stimulate discussion - it does not represent InternetNZ's position.

The problem of cyber-harm

.nz domain name changes – act now before your options expire

Domain Name CommissionYou may be aware that any person or business can now get shorter .nz domain names – for example, - in addition to all existing registration options like ‘’, ‘’ and ‘’.

If you’ve got an existing .nz domain name you should already have heard from your provider about this change and what it means.

WikiNZ, and our new Internet data portal

PortalWhile we are talking about cool launches, big ups to Wiki New Zealand for their relaunch the other day. That is one gorgeous looking new website: