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InternetNZ is the sole shareholder of NZRS Ltd which manages New Zealand’s domain name registry and has a world class reputation for innovation and reliability.  NZRS is a relatively small organisation which has responsibility for delivering critical infrastructure.  It consistently achieves outstanding customer service ratings and is well positioned to take advantage of the next wave of opportunities in the domain name space.

Copy wrong? Copy right.

Copyright. Its a big issue in an Internet context for a few reasons:

NetHui 2015 website launches

NetHui 2015InternetNZ is pleased to announce the launch of the NetHui 2015 website, formally announcing NetHui 2015.

InternetNZ Chief Executive Jordan Carter is looking forward to hearing the New Zealand Internet community's ideas for this year's event.

"NetHui is New Zealand's premier Internet event. This year the theme is "the Internet is everybody's business" and we've already locked in some cool speakers.

Many questions in the copyright debate

Global modeSince the pre-Easter news that four big content companies (Mediaworks, TVNZ, Sky and Spark through Lightbox) were threatening legal action against ISPs offering services like GlobalMode, I’ve been mulling on what all the pieces of this puzzle are.

Global mode and the big wah

Sky TV

Last week Sky TV, Spark, MediaWorks and TVNZ announced they were threatening to take legal action against those companies who sell or promote technology to let people more easily access (and pay for) offshore TV and movie services.

Put simply, the four named companies all had a big wah about Global Mode because it's eating into their forecast profits.

The ANZIAs are coming! The ANZIAs are coming!

Exciting times ahead - New Zealand is the host of this year's Australia and New Zealand Internet Awards, the ANZIAs! The ANZIAs will be held on 27 August, in Auckland at St Matthews in the City.

Parliament, Legislation, and the Internet

Wellington's BeehiveEarlier this week, I presented to a group of 15 Parliamentarians, plus a couple of dozen staffers, at an event we co-sponsored called the Parliamentary Digital Bootcamp. This was an initiative that we partnered with Google and Facebook on, designed to educate new MPs on how they can utilise the Internet in their work.


#UnfollowMeWe invite guest posts on our InternetNZ blog from members. We do not necessarily endorse the position being taken, however we support open dialogue. This blog post comes from Vivian Chandra from Amnesty International.

Conference and Canterbury community funding round recipients announced!

FundingEvery year InternetNZ gives away money to a bunch of different people and organisations to improve the Internet and our use of it. We do it because our vision is for a better world through a better Internet, and to achieve that vision, we recognise that we are in a position where we can help make others make it a reality.

March 2015 What's Up @InternetNZ

Online surveillanceNetwork Neutrality, a much-used-and-abused term, talks about discrimination between types or sources of content (positive or negative) that is not to do with normal network load/demand management. It's been in the news because the United States telco regulator has changed how it approaches the subject - planning to regulate for strong neutrality provisions.