Domain name trends in a maturing market

Country Code Top Level Domains (ccTLDs) across the world have been experiencing a decline in new and renewed registrations of domain names since 2005. This is a trend we’re now starting to see in the .nz domain name space.

Keeping .nz safe and secure

In our first blog of 2020 we shared our predictions for the Internet this year with one common theme coming through loud and clear—online security. It’s an important topic on the agendas and minds of many organisations, including ours.

InternetNZ: An Internet for all and an Internet for good

The heart of InternetNZ is to help New Zealanders harness the power of the Internet. We are proud and privileged to be the home of .nz for New Zealand, using the income stream from this and our other commercial activities to fund our work to keep the Internet open, secure and for all New Zealanders.

DNCL directors appointed

Two independent directors join the Domain Name Commission board for a three-year term.

.nz Advisory Panel releases its Issues Report

The .nz Advisory Panel has hit a key milestone this month in completing its Issues Report.

Addressing digital identity: What it means for our personal data, breaches and digital divides

In a world of ever increasing data breaches and abuse of personal data, I believe we will see a growing public awareness of the importance of our personal data. With this awareness will develop a demand for a new way to engage with online services where trust is at the core.

Our very own ICANN Trusted Community Representative at InternetNZ!

Over the years, you may have heard about people with “keys to the Internet,” and while this sounds secretive and exciting, like something from a spy or thriller movie, the truth has been twisted and changed so many times that it’s time to set the record straight.

‘Digital’ regulation a growing global, political football in 2020.

In 2020, issues of digital regulation look set to take centre stage, seeing business and political voices debate options on the global playing field of policies and treaties. These digital regulation issues are likely to include taxation of tech companies, social media content regulation, response to global cybercrime and the ‘cyberspace’ practices of countries themselves. These issues, and regulatory approaches taken, have the potential to impact the online experiences and offline lives of Internet users globally.

Understanding .nz's place in the world

December was busy for the .nz Advisory Panel as we finalised our .nz Policy Issues Report.

2020 vision: our Internet predictions

It gets harder and harder each year to make predictions about the Internet in New Zealand as technology changes become faster and faster. Last year our Engagement Director Andrew Cushen scored 1.5 out of 4 with his 2019 predictions.
This year we've pulled together thoughts from across the organisation about Internet security, policy, and domain names. And of course, it's an election year. So there's bound to be interesting implications.