Looking back at ICANN60

ICANN held its latest global public meeting in Abu Dhabi late October through early November, with a few main topics on the agenda.

A rollercoaster called the TPP

Over the weekend, the Trans-Pacific Partnership was again in the news. A series of different stories veered between very different potential outcomes. It was finally concluded. It was dead, because Canada had called talks off. It was alive, but in a different form. For me, these stories felt a bit like a rollercoaster ride. That's because this agreement with its shifting names has been a big part of my work over the past couple of years.

Hot topics of NetHui 2017: Policies and social implications

How should we run our Internet in a way that is inclusive and as safe as possible for everyone? How do we rebalance rights and interests that new Internet enabled technologies imbalance? What implications could the Internet have on our society, and our rules and norms for living together?

Analog Regulation, Digital World

Authored by Dr Eric Crampton, The New Zealand Initiative and James Ting-Edwards, InternetNZ. The Report will be launched at NetHui 2017. You can check out the report summary here.

Hot topics of NetHui 2017: New technology

Many of the programme sessions at this year’s NetHui are devoted to exploring new Internet-enabled technologies. If you’ve been wondering what these techs are and what they may mean for all of us here in Aotearoa New Zealand, then read this!

Hot topics of NetHui 2017: Digital Divides

NetHui is on next week, and I want to highlight some of the hot topics that are coming up as part of the programme.

Checking out CHCon

James headed along to the CHCon Hackers event. Here is his report.

Day Zero at NetHui - get amongst it!

NetHui is a platform for conversations amongst the Internet community of New Zealand about how we want to make the most of our Internet. With that in mind, an important part of the NetHui experience is opening up Day Zero of the event to organisations that want to explore that potential in their own way.

What are you doing this week… booking your place at NetHui?!

Registrations are limited, so if you’ve been meaning to come along, now’s the time to make the choice!

NetHui is nearly here - come along!

We are now less than two weeks out from this year's NetHui, and I want to share with you just how excited we are with the programme we've pulled together.
This NetHui is set to be one of the most exciting yet. Our theme of trust and freedom on the Internet couldn't be more relevant or timely.