The Intelligence and Security Act 2017

On Tuesday last week, the Intelligence and Security Act 2017 was signed into law. We participated in both the independent review and Select Committee processes that have led us to this new law.

A Kiwi at OpenCon 2016

OpenCon, an event that brings together students, early career researchers, advocates and others who are passionate about making the world’s information, from scholarly and scientific research, to educational materials and government data, more open.

Emergencies and the Internet

Recently we hosted our first Speaker Series event for 2017, Emergencies and the Internet.

Mixed reality hackathon

New Zealand’s first (and best ever!) mixed reality hackathon

South Taranaki schools succeeding in ICT

Four rural schools in the South Taranaki region have made a commitment to explore new technologies

Takedown of domain names - the rule of law and due process

There is a concerning trend where domain names used, or alleged to be used, by miscreants to facilitate fraud and theft over the Internet are becoming the target of law enforcement agencies which seek the immediate removal of the name from the DNS without following due process...

REANNZ is not your average network provider

If you live in New Zealand and want to connect to the Internet, you’ve got a few choices for who to go to. Some promise faster speeds, or a cheaper connection, or the most flexible plans, but there is one provider that you can’t connect to as an ordinary member of the public.

Vodafone, Sky and the Commerce Commission: it's all about the Internet

Like others, I spent a fair bit of time on February 23 reacting to the decision by the Commerce Commission to deny clearance to the plans of Sky and Vodafone to merge their businesses in New Zealand.

NZ Internet development to get a boost from 2016/17 conference grant recipients

The Conference Attendance grant recipients have now been confirmed and are excited to participate in conferences and events related to the development of the Internet in New Zealand.

Step aside, here come the children

InternetNZ granted Fabriko $3,500 toward a suite of laptops for delivering technology workshops to low decile schools and communities.