APRICOT 2017, Ho Chi Minh City

People ask me what APRICOT stands for a couple times a year or more. I spell out the acronym, and they tune out. It's a mouthful for sure! What's important is that it's a meeting meant for the people who make the Internet run; and an opportunity to meet, to share, and to learn.

Connecting rural New Zealand to the wireless technology future

Vodafone, Spark and 2degrees normally slug it out on a daily basis to deliver hotter prices, better value and more services to New Zealanders. It’s a fiercely competitive arrangement that has worked out very well for Kiwis.

Introducing our new strategic partner...

We partner with a number of organisations that share our vision for the Internet in New Zealand. We have recently expanded our partnerships and now work with six organisations that share our passion to create greater access, trust and creative potential on the Internet.

WISPS – our time has come

A guest blog from Matthew Harrison, Chair, Wireless Internet Service Providers Association of NZ

More than $100,000 given for Internet research

We are very excited to announce the successful applicants for the latest Internet research grants.

RBI2: Who wants to make a bang with the bucks

The second phase of the Rural Broadband Initiative (let’s call it RBI-2) aims to address the challenge of providing better Internet to rural New Zealanders.

The Intelligence and Security Act 2017

On Tuesday last week, the Intelligence and Security Act 2017 was signed into law. We participated in both the independent review and Select Committee processes that have led us to this new law.

A Kiwi at OpenCon 2016

OpenCon, an event that brings together students, early career researchers, advocates and others who are passionate about making the world’s information, from scholarly and scientific research, to educational materials and government data, more open.

Emergencies and the Internet

Recently we hosted our first Speaker Series event for 2017, Emergencies and the Internet.