Links and thinks: 15 January 2018

Today, the country returns to full service from the holiday. It's hot here in Wellington, it's Monday and it's time for some links and our thinks about them!

Links and thinks: 8 Jan 2018

A new year, some resolutions and the re-imagining of the issues team weekly blog! That's right, we're going to blog more frequently this year so we're going to environment scan and write about news, technology developments and the like. Our commitment (ish) to you is that every week (mostly) we give you some interesting (mostly) links and our quick thoughts on some articles that have caught our eyes recently.

2017 Predictions Review

Our 2016 predictions were 75% right. So let’s see how we did in 2017.

UNIGF Day 1-2: Connecting the Next Billions

This is the second part of the series on our week at the UNIGF. Jordan reflects on the Domain Name System and its future, while Nicola has been thinking about global digital divides.

UNIGF Day 0: A newcomers perspective on the Internet Governance Forum

This week, our CE Jordan Carter and a member of our issues team Nicola Brown are over in Switzerland attending the United Nations Internet Governance Forum (UNIGF). Nicola is jetlagged, but has made some time to update us on Day Zero of #IGF2017

InternetNZ 2017 wrap up

This is an organisation with a pretty simple premise: that from openness comes good, and that the Internet can help create a better world. We’ve had a busy year doing work that can help achieve that vision.

Net Neutrality failure in the U.S. risks hurting all internet users

InternetNZ Chief Executive Jordan Carter has condemned the decision by the United States communications regulator to undo 2015 open Internet rules, warning that all Internet users will end up worse off as a result.

Mapping Digital Divides in New Zealand

This week Communications Minister Clare Curran released "Digital New Zealanders: The Pulse of Our Nation", a report outlining the digital divide in New Zealand.
We welcome the look at how New Zealanders experience digital divides and what we can do as a nation to overcome them. Given the release of the Pulse of the Nation report, our boss Jordan on the radio talking digital divides and then the BIMs coming out - we thought it would be timely to reshare the Digital Divide map we launched in August.

Bsides Wellington 2017: Better understanding “our fellow flesh friends”, for better security outcomes

Last week the inaugural Bsides Wellington was held, an infosec (information security) conference which brings together information security specialists, hobbyists, and policy nerds who are trying to fit in. I went along as an infosec outsider but was never made to feel that way, and instead, I got to join in on the discussion, and use as many bee puns as anyone else. Here are a few highlights from us.

Announcing State of the Internet 2017

Today we’ve published our 2017 State of the Internet report. This report is a look at some key aspects of the Internet in New Zealand. It looks at access to the Internet, and creative uses of the Internet, and has an in-depth look at trust and security issues in New Zealand as the focus for the 2017 edition.