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The TL;DR guide to Telco Act Review submissions

A blog post from Andrew Cushen, Work Programme Director at InternetNZ
20 November 2015

Andrew Cushen

Earlier this week, MBIE published the 43 submissions received on the Telecommunications Act review. There’s a lot of reading, for your pleasure, right here:

Terrorism, the Internet and encryption

A blog post from Andrew Cushen, Work Programme Director at InternetNZ
17 November 2015

Education, CSIRTs and disruption - some stimulating content

Andrew CushenA blog post by Andrew Cushen - 9 November 2015

Welcome to the start of the week all!

InternetNZ Comments to the 52nd APECTel Meeting, Auckland

It's been a wee while since I blogged, but I thought I would share with you all the comments I made today at the (to use the full formal title) 52nd Meeting of the APEC Telecommunications and Information Working Group, which is currently being held in Auckland, New Zealand.

As always, keen to discuss these points with our members!


Please note, this statement is not a verbatim copy of InternetNZ’s comments to the Plenary, and instead the notes from which that statement was made.

Initial thoughts on convergence

Pretty big news recently in the Government's release of their Exploring Digital Convergence "Green Paper". You've likely already seen our press release on this; in case you didn't its here:

TPP Intellectual Property and Technology/Internet Issues - Report from Meeting with Negotiators

InternetNZ has expressed concerns about the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) negotiations. Based on what we have seen from leaked texts, we are concerned about the process, and we are concerned about the content of parts of the agreement, particularly on intellectual property issues.

This week we and other technology sector organisations met with the New Zealand negotiators working on these issues, to share our concerns, and to hear their assessments of likely outcomes should the TPP conclude. Our news from this discussion is mixed.

Desperately seeking silver linings?

The TPP, transparency and minimising the downside for the Internet community

Lately we’ve been asking ourselves what should we at InternetNZ be doing about the TPP. If it's seemed like we've been a bit quiet on the issue, it's only because we’ve been been internalising some pretty complicated situations in our heads.

Guest Post: The times, they are a’changing…

This Guest Post is from InternetNZ Member, Don Hollander.

The domain name space is changing – both globally and within New Zealand – and we’re not keeping up.