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Issues Round-up: FCC loses, 111 calls, #CensusFail and human rights online

Phew, now that we're done giving up our weekly blog spot to guests to talk about ISP Spotlight we're back into our weekly round-ups of Internet access, use and security stories that have caught our eyes recently.

We're making transparency reporting easier

Ben CreetA blog post from Ben Creet, Issues Manager at InternetNZ
2 August 2016

ISP Spotlight: why data breach notification?

In this guest blog, looking at the issues behind the ISP Spotlight, New Zealand's Privacy Commissioner John Edwards talks about why it is important that ISPs tell customers when their data is breached.

Losing information, communicating honestly and taking control

If you trusted someone to look after something for you, you'd expect them to tell you if they lost it, right? Personal information is no different. If your ISP loses your information, sends it to the wrong place, has it stolen by hackers or accidentally publishes it, you expect them to tell you.

Spotlight on coordinated disclosure

This ISP Spotlight guest blog focusses on coordinated disclosure. It is by Barry Brailey, Chair of the New Zealand Internet Task Force which wrote New Zealand's only guidelines on coordinated disclosure back in 2013.

All software has vulnerabilities. The larger your code base, the more likely your software has bugs. That's why projects like the Open Web Application Security Project (OWASP) exist. They highlight the 10 most common web application bugs that people code, and train people not to do them.

We need to talk about your killer robot problem

11 July 2016

Over the last few days, the news has been full of articles about the Dallas police department using a robot to deliver, and detonate a bomb in order to end a standoff with an alleged offender.

Issues round-up: clash of the titans, building blocks and bad judgement?

Doing things this decade

Before we get cracking into the articles and our goofball takes on them I wanted to talk about how the Issues team is trying to do things “this decade”.

Our recent attempt at this is to use Github. Got a blog post? I have to admit, when we started doing using Github I was rather intimidated. But, it turns out old policy analysts can learn new tricks.

ISP Spotlight: conscious consumerism comes to Internet services

A blog post from Ben Creet, Issues Manager at InternetNZ
30 June 2016 

ISP banner imageToday we launched ISP Spotlight - and boy am I proud of this product.

Issues round-up: Data centres, webcams and sharing is caring?

Kia ora koutou. Here’s the access, use and security stories that have caught our eyes over the last week. 

Data centres getting smaller AND bigger

So these stories got me thinking about data centres. As cloud gets more and more mainstream we are seeing massive data centres being set up. AWS & Azure centres in Australia are getting pretty damn big while Singapore has put aside 13 hectares for a data centre park which will be able to house 105,000 square meters of “rackable space.” 

Issues round-up: IPv6 drama, exposed Internet systems and a new web on the horizon?

Kia ora everybody,

Here’s some stories that we’ve seen over the last week or so that have caught our eyes. We’re talking the future of the web, Internet protocols and a new report on national Internet security weaknesses.

Netflix blocks many IPv6

Slashdot has a story, with links to some logs, saying that Netflix is blocking a lot of IPv6 access, presumably because they can't geo-locate their users with IPv6.