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Broadband, printing in space and FBiOS comes to a close

Kia ora koutou, Ben here with a short blog from the Issues team on some stories and developments that have caught our eye recently.

Fixed vs Wireless broadband

Bill Bennett did a couple of articles over the long weekend that I think deserve a mention. Bill wrote about Akamai’s State of the Internet and their recorded speeds for NZ’s broadband and mobile networks, and the Commerce Commission’s approval for Spark to buy Whoosh’s rights in the 2300Mhz band (one of the spectrum bands that can deliver 4G mobile Internet).

Weekly blog reboot: the end of free, vid-conferences and TPMs?

Kia ora!

Welcome to the (un)official resumption of the Issues team weekly blogs (well they were hardly official in the first place). This week we’ve been thinking about what free means online, whether we’ll be able to trust video conferences and we’re armpit deep in TPP implementation.

Crypto Wars 2.0: Apple vs FBI & 18th century law

Ben CreetA blog post from Ben Creet, Senior Issues Advisor at InternetNZ
18 February 2016

You may have seen some ‘brouhaha’ (as the media like to call it) online about Apple either: giving the FBI & US courts the finger; that Apple has ‘sided with the terrorists’; Apple are standing up for Freedom, Justice and all that good stuff.


BenCreetA blog post from Ben Creet, Senior Issues Advisor at InternetNZ
19 January 2016

Secure the Internet is an international open letter to global leaders asking them to strengthen the security of communications and systems and:

Pwning Tomorrow: a book review

The Electronic Frontier Foundation (the EFF) recently published Pwning Tomorrow (playing off the leetspeak term ‘pwn’, meaning ‘to own’).  They are calling it a speculative Fiction Anthology.  It contains a number of short stories that use science fiction as a way to look at some of the issues facing us in the coming years. You can download Pwning Tomorrow as a ebook from the EFF site by following this link:

Digital rights, privacy & power-by-wifi

Ben Creet

A blog post from Ben Creet, Senior Issues Advisor at InternetNZ
23 November 2015

Hi everyone. Monday!

That means it’s time for a short blog from us at the Issues team, this time curated by your local friendly neighbourhood Creeture. Here’s a couple things we’ve seen or been thinking about recently and a heads-up on what we’ll be focussing on this week. 

What is this Eye Gee Eff thing?

Ben Creet

A blog post from Ben Creet, Senior Issues Advisor at InternetNZ
20 November 2015

Last week I attended the Internet Governance Forum (the IGF for short), a multi-stakeholder forum administered by the UN. The IGF is held every year and this year it was in Joao Pessoa, Brazil. It’s essentially the larger, global version of NetHui (NetHui is our ‘national IGF’)

Less milk, more kitteh

This blog post is about the TPP, the possible benefits from it, and how we as a country can make WAY more money through using the Internet better(er).

Firstly - if you want to read about how bad or evil the TPP is move along. This honestly isn’t about throwing stones at the TPP. Instead, it’s about showing that while it’s worth decent money to our economy - there are other, even bigger, amounts up for grabs in our economy.
So with that out of the way…

The Internet and the golden age of surveillance

At the moment, in New Zealand, there is an independent review of our intelligence and security agencies going on. That has brought out some dedicated protest movements (which you can read about below), and a recent early stage public consultation.  This will, hopefully, at some point in the future lead to some positive changes to the New Zealand's intelligence agencies and the laws they operate under.

Judge content by its character, not its medium

This week Andrew has blogged about Amy Adams' kicking off an ambitious programme of policy review and work that relates to Convergence (read his blog post).