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auIGF 2015: James goes to the red planet

Part of our work at InternetNZ is to link up local Internet issues with what’s happening overseas. This month, my own small part of that was to cross the ditch and join our Aussie cousins at auIGF 2015. Like the New Zealand Internet community’s NetHui event, the auIGF is meant to be a forum for a wide range of interested people to share ideas and discuss Internet policy. This year’s theme was “how the Internet is transforming Australian society”.

So, my first overseas work trip to a land baked red, where scientists have recently found signs of water. Or was that a movie I saw?


Copyright affects what you can do online. A couple of weeks ago we put up a video asking for your input:

Video - passport control at the supermarket

Our comic below raises the same question - how can we develop a copyright law that works for NZ consumers and creative people?

NZ Copyright Comic

Passport control at the checkout

Copyright law affects what Kiwis can access and share online. What do you want from copyright law?

Today we put out a video about shopping - about the options New Zealanders have to buy things they want online. Like everyone else in the world, Kiwis enjoy a range of movies, music, TV, and other media. We’re getting used to buying these online, just as easily as we buy food at the supermarket.

TPP: New leaks, same principles

TPP: Copyright Enforcement, TPMs, and NZ's future

Our last blog post set out our position on the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) - that we are concerned about the lack of transparency, and that we will measure its impact against our policy principles. Today, in this blog post, we share some of that analysis. Part of our job is to inform and provoke discussion on these issues, so we welcome your thoughts in response.