The commercial team is responsible for leading the commercial development of InternetNZ’s products and services.This is to ensure that we have a secure, diversified income revenue so we can continue to fund InternetNZ and provide a voice for the Internet for all New Zealanders.

Current services

.nz domain names

As the designated manager for the .nz top level domain, InternetNZ wholesales domains via a global channel of authorised registrars. Sales from .nz domain names account for the majority of revenues to InternetNZ.

National Broadband Map

The National Broadband Map helps New Zealanders and business owners find data on available broadband technologies across the country. It’s the most comprehensive map of what fixed broadband technologies are available at address points in New Zealand.

Bulk access to data is available commercially via API and has been integrated into some high use websites in New Zealand. If you are interested in knowing more please contact InternetNZ’s Commercial Director, David Morrison, at

DNS Firewall

We are currently building a new DNS related security service for New Zealand businesses to help strengthen security and trust in the Internet in New Zealand.  

New services and your ideas

The commercial team is working on new product and service ideas that will provide diversified revenue streams for InternetNZ. You can read more about our approach here.

If you have a commercial idea that you think InternetNZ would be well positioned to deliver, please feel free to contact InternetNZ’s Commercial Director, David Morrison, at

Peak Domain Analytics - stopped.

Due to range of factors and a number of significant cross organisation dependencies to enable this to reach a production ready state, we have made the difficult decision to cease this product in its current form. We will review the elements of the value proposition to determine if and how we can pivot the use of DNS popularity data and Health Check data to meet a defined customer needs.