Community and funding

Our Community Programme works to further our mission, to promote the Internet's benefits and uses and protect its potential, by supporting the Internet community.

The Internet community is made up of those New Zealanders who can shape the Internet's growth, development and use, including in business, government, academia, technical and community-based organisations and individuals. Because of the decentralised nature of the Internet and its development, supporting the Internet community has critical importance to the future of the Internet for New Zealand and towards our cause – the open Internet.

Our Community Programme includes community funding, which consists of $500,000 per year to community organisations and individuals through community grants and strategic partnership funding. The programme also includes a range of community engagement work including community events like NetHui, sponsoring events and awards and providing other in-kind support to community organisations.

Our plan, seen in the InternetNZ Strategic Plan, is to help the Internet community to be well developed, connected, collaborating and contributing as much as it can to the development of the Internet for New Zealand.

Our Community Programme Director is Ellen Strickland and she can be contacted at Our Community Funding Coordinator is Gertrud Kikajon and she can be reached at


To further our goals of protecting and promoting the Internet for New Zealanders, we have a range of partnerships and relationships with other organisations that are aligned with our purpose and vision. This includes collaborative work, in-kind support and community funding from InternetNZ.

Community grants

InternetNZ funds community projects to further its objects and goals as a charitable, non-profit common interest society established to maintain and extend the availability of the Internet.

Sponsoring events

InternetNZ has a limited budget available for sponsorship purposes. Sponsorship is available for events in New Zealand that help bring about our Objects and mission.

Community Events

InternetNZ supports and creates a range of events to provide platforms for the community to come together to help shape the future of the Internet for New Zealand.