Community events

InternetNZ supports and creates a range of events to provide platforms for the community to come together to help shape the future of the Internet for New Zealand.


NetHui is  New Zealand’s most inclusive and diverse Internet event. It provides a platform where the community comes together to shape the future of the Internet for New Zealand through exploring a wide range of Internet Issues. NetHui has run annually since 2010 and is the flagship of InternetNZ’s community engagement work. NetHui facilitates networking, learning and discussion, in an open, discussion-based format.

Information on NetHui 2016 will be announced soon. See more details here:
NetHui 2016 

Learn more about the NetHui 2015, including watching videos of the sessions, and access the archived websites for the past NetHui events here:
NetHui 2015 website

New Zealand Internet Research Forum

InternetNZ and the AUT Institute of Culture Discourse and Communication organise a regular New Zealand Internet Research Forum (NZIRF) event. The event is designed to facilitate discussion and establish connections between academics, and the public and private sectors. Forums bring together those people involved in and/or interested in Internet research to share perspectives, discuss potential links and collaborations, and most importantly to build a research network community that benefits New Zealanders.

Two NZIRFs have been held so far:

2016 New Zealand Internet Research Forum.

2015 New Zealand Internet Research Forum.