Community grants principles and criteria

Principles for community grants

The following overarching principles govern the making of community funding grants (as per the Community Grants Policy Framework): 

  • Open to all applications: there is no obstruction against funding of any party except as laid out in the conflict of interest policy and where previous actions or decisions of the applicant require different treatment.
  • Criteria driven decisions: decisions on funding are made based on the criteria set out for a given funding round.
  • Expert input: where relevant, subject-specific expertise is involved in decision-making (especially in respect of research grants) as laid out in the Grants Committee External Input guidelines in the Community Grants Operations Manual
  • Interests are dealt with transparently: a rigorous conflicts of interest policy is in place and enforced to ensure the probity and public perception of the grants programme.
  • Transparency and accountability: InternetNZ is publicly accountable for its decisions in making community grants, and insists on transparent reporting of grants and the outcomes they deliver.

Specific grants criteria

The following specific grant criteria are used forthe Community Grants Rounds an are subject to change for future rounds.  

  1. Projects Community Grants Rround
  2. Internet Research Community Grants Round
  3. Conference Attendance Community Grants round

Community grants operations manual

Full details regarding the operation of the Community Grant Rounds can be found in the Community Grants Operations Manual.