Consultation: draft dotNZ framework policy (complete)

In 2016 we sought your input on a draft policy that sets out the principles, roles and responsibilities in the operation of the .nz ccTLD. The material which follows was the consultation page.  The final policy is in the governance policy register.

This draft policy intends to clearly reflect the status quo for how .nz works. Is it accurate? Could changes help improve it? Please share your thoughts by 5 September 2016.


InternetNZ is the designated manager for the .nz domain. Since 2002 it has operated the domain through two subsidiary companies – the Domain Name Commission Ltd (DNCL) which manages the policy framework, registrar authorisations, registry service levels and registrant disputes, and NZRS Ltd (NZRS) which operates the Shared Registry System and the .nz DNS.

The allocation of roles and responsibilities in operating .nz was last written down when DNCL became a limited liability company in 2008. A review established in 2014 took account of evolution in practice since that time, and identified the need for a clear overarching policy document that would anchor the rest of the framework – the web of policies and agreements between InternetNZ and its subsidiaries.

A policy delivering on that requirement has been prepared and is the subject of this consultation.

This consultation

From 21 July to 5 September 2016 InternetNZ was seeking comments on whether the proposed draft policy is an accurate reflection of how .nz operates today.


Comments were being accepted until 5pm on Monday 5 September 2016. No comments were received during the consultation.