Consultation: product and service development (complete)

Product and service development - final draft strategy and policy (Nov 2015-May 2016)

In November 2015, we published a draft Strategy (.pdf) and Policy (.pdf) to guide business development at InternetNZ, and sought feedback and input from members and the public. Council considered that feedback at its meeting in February 2016, and agreed to make changes including to what the activity is called.

In April 2016, an updated draft Product and Services Development Strategy (.pdf) was made available, with a red line version (.pdf) showing changes from the November 2015 version. The revised Group Policy on Product and Services Development was also made available. 

These documents were open for input until 10 May 2016. Council considered the input and revisions, and adopted final versions of the Strategy and Policy in late May 2016. The final Strategy and Policy are now available.