Discussion paper on internet/copyright issues

A Paper to Spark Discussion on Internet-related Copyright Issues in Advance of the Copyright Act 1994 Review.

InternetNZ is proud to present this Discussion Paper on Internet & Copyright Issues.

We have commissioned this work as a means to start a conversation about how Copyright Law in New Zealand can be enhanced, developed and improved. Copyright is a dynamic area of intersection with the Internet; the challenges that this intersection creates are ones that we need to grapple with in New Zealand if we are to promote the Internet’s benefits and uses, and protect its potential.

This paper seeks to do this though evaluating international trends in both user rights to copyright and in legislative responses. We have commissioned this not only as a tool to assist legislators and Government Agencies in any potential review of Copyright Law in New Zealand, but also to serve as a resource for the Internet Community in understanding the present issues and their ramifications.

We intend this to be the start of our work in this area in 2015. We will be engaging with our members and with the public at large to gather further perspectives and refine our input into this important policy debate. The mode and timing for this engagement will be announced via our email lists and on our website – www.internetnz.net.nz.

In the meantime, any commentary on this paper may be directed to me at andrew@internetnz.net.nz.

We thank Chalmers and Associates for their work on this issue for us.

Andrew Cushen
Work Programme Director

Friday, May 1, 2015