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This dotNews includes information about the latest World Internet Project NZ Survey (released yesterday), the TPP submission hearing we gave to the Select Committee and the briefing we produced on the 'Intelligence and Security in a Free Society' report criticising proposed new GCSB spying powers.

World Internet Project - NZ Survey

world iconYesterday InternetNZ hosted the Wellington launch of the World Internet Project NZ Survey which was produced by AUT. The survey is produced every two years and provides concrete data to evaluate the state of the internet in New Zealand.

Check out the findings of the latest WIP report here:
World Internet Project: latest NZ findings show greatest online privacy concerns focused on corporates not government

TPP Select Committee Hearing

InternetNZ Chief Executive Jordan Carter and Issues Advisor James Ting-Edwards appeared before Parliament's Foreign Affairs, Defence and Trade Committee last week to voice our views on the Trans Pacific Partnership Agreement.

We made four key points to the Select Committee. To read a little more about these see our media release here:
InternetNZ presents TPP views to Select Committee

Intelligence and security in a free society

IRIS report coverThis week we published a briefing on the review released on New Zealand's intelligence agencies, "Intelligence and Security in a Free Society."

We are very concerned about some of the recommendations in the report. While it does acknowledge human rights, the recommendations do not always reflect these rights and could result in more extensive surveillance of New Zealand Internet users.

Our briefing is split into sections - outlining what we do and don't like about the report and its recommendations, and we have raised some pertinent questions about process, and what happens next.

We welcome your thoughts - What questions do you have? Which recommendations did you like or not like? Join the conversation and tell us what you think. We'll be using the hashtag #EyesOnNZ on social media.

Our eight-page briefing can be read here:
Intelligence and Security in a Free Society - An InternetNZ briefing

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