dotNews - July 2016

Welcome to dotNews - our monthly newsletter - giving you a brief update of what's happening in the world of New Zealand's Internet. 

This dotNews includes information about:

  • ISP Spotlight - a brand new website rating ISPs
  • Internet community grants now available
  • handy resource to help you create your digital will
  • our next speaker series event - harassment and the Internet
  • NetHui sessions at ITx and what's coming up
  • an update on the WHOIS review
  • the latest ICANN meeting in Helsinki.

ISP Spotlight

ISP SpotlightInternetNZ has launched a new website, called ISP Spotlight, which will help New Zealanders make more informed choices about their Internet providers. You typically consider price, speed and availability, when choosing your Internet Service Provider. ISP Spotlight takes you beyond these basics and helps you to consider the way that each provider is run.

It rates ISPs on whether they are doing things like supporting IPV6, telling you if they give your information to law enforcement and whether they use the Digital Child Exploitation Filter. We have had great feedback so far and thousands of New Zealanders checking out the website. You can take a look here:

Community grants now available

community grants logoInternetNZ supports the Internet community with a range of community grants and we're excited to announce that grants are now available for both 'community projects' and 'conference attendance.'

We have $115,000 available for people to undertake projects and attend conferences to benefit the Internet and its users. If you know someone who may be interested in these grants, please pass on the message. More information can be found at the links below. Applications close on 28 August. 

Have you got a digital will?

Death and the Internet

Last month we ran the first of our speaker series events - Death and the Internet. The purpose of the event was to bring to light exactly what happens to your online information when you die. What should you do with your social media accounts? Who do you leave your passwords to? What about accounts and websites you might manage that your family or business partners use?

Since the event we have developed a handy one pager. It explains why this stuff is important to think about now, it has a checklist so you can start being prepared and links to some more resources should you want more information. The resource is here to help you organise your online assets now, to save your loved ones a lot of time and hassle after the event of your death.
Click here to view the one pager (PDF)

Harassment and the Internet


We are pleased to announce our next speaker series event - Harassment and the Internet.

Online harassment is an unfortunate reality for many Internet users, especially women. With this in mind, InternetNZ will host a session looking at how harassment can be prevented, dealt with and have the harm it causes addressed. The event will feature Niels ten Oever, Head of Digital at Article 19, and will focus on technical, social and policy layers, while committing to protecting and ensuring the benefits of freedom of speech on the Internet. Other speakers representing bloggers, Justice, violence-prevention and NetSafe as the Approved Agency for the Harmful Digital Communications Act will also share their perspectives.

The event will take place on 8 September - both in Wellington and also online via live-stream. 
Registrations for this free-to-attend event are now open. RSVP here

NetHui at ITx - and when to expect NetHui 2016 

NetHui logoEarlier this week Wellington was home to ITx 2016. The three day conference hosted over 700 delegates and was run by IITP and 12 other participatory organisations - Including InternetNZ. We hosted several NetHui style sessions at ITx and talked about a range of topics including the Internet of things, TPP and digital inclusion. We were thrilled to be part of ITx and show some new faces what NetHui is all about. We will be doing this again at the upcoming Open Source Open Society conference on 22-23 August.

While it is great to be able to show off the NetHui flavour at other tech related events, we are very excited to plan our NetHui 2016 events. As you know this year we are taking NetHui on the road and having three events across the country. We are finalising dates and venues as we speak and expect to be able to announce this over the next week or two. So keep an eye out for this via email and social media.

Latest WHOIS update

Over the past few months DNCL has been consulting on a review of the .nz WHOIS service. It has put together an update outlining where they're currently at with the review, what comes next and the review process. You can read the update here:
WHOIS update

ICANN56: policy forum in Helsinki 

world iconThe first ICANN Policy Forum - the new name and format for the mid-year meeting of the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN) - took place late last month in Helsinki, Finland. Ellen Strickland from InternetNZ attended, as well as the CEs of DNCL and NZRS and Chair of NZRS. Ellen has written a blog post about the topics we were involved with including the transition of IANA to ICANN, the presentation of the MoU between the Government and InternetNZ and a working party on ICANN and Human Rights. Read the blog post here: 
ICANN56: policy forum in Helsinki 

Communications and events

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