dotNews - May 2017

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This dotNews includes...

  • Watch our Speaker Series recordings
  • Announcing the NetHui theme and website
  • Introducing our 2017 strategic partners
  • Read our RBI2 blog series
  • Read our advice on the WannaCry malware
  • Upcoming - our AGM

Watch our Speaker Series recordings

Last week we hosted not one but two Speaker Series events!

‘Privacy and the Internet’ in conjunction with Office of the Privacy Commissioner for Privacy Week saw Angela Webster present her research on preteens and privacy while our own Ben Creet talked about private messaging apps and our My Privacy campaign.

Our Techweek event ‘Food and the Internet’ featured well-known NZ Chef Martin Bosley as well as UberEATS, FarmIQ and PwC panelists discussing food trends both in New Zealand and on a global scale.

Thanks to everyone who came along and made these events such a success! You can now watch the live-streams for each of these events by following the links below.

Privacy and the Internet

Food and the Internet

Announcing the NetHui 2017 theme and website

We’re excited to announce the theme for NetHui 2017: Trust and Freedom on the Internet. Issues surrounding both trust and freedom were noted many times in our public consultation. Trust and security – paired with access to a free and open Internet – are the backbone to a great Internet and one that we can all use to open doors of opportunity.

NetHui is New Zealand’s favourite Internet conference bringing everybody and anybody that wants to talk about the Internet together.

The NetHui 2017 website is now live! You will find all things NetHui here including sponsorship opportunities, latest news and lots of ‘about’ info. Check it out: NetHui 2017

NetHui 2017 is being held on 9-10 November at Auckland’s Aotea Centre with the NZ Internet Research Forum and possible other events on 8 November. 

Introducing our 2017 strategic partners

We partner with a number of organisations that share our vision for the Internet in New Zealand. We now work with six organisations that share our passion to create greater access, trust and creative potential on the Internet.

Read our blog introducing our 2017 strategic partners. We have also revamped our partnerships page on the website. Check this out here.

Read our RBI2 blog series

In the April issue of dotNews we talked about Andrew’s Rural Broadband Initiative blog post. Titled RBI2: Who wants to make a bang with the bucks, he discussed the RBI2 bidders, what they say they want to do if they win the bid and what sounds good and what will be challenging about each of the bids.  

The bidders have written guest blog posts in response to Andrew’s blog. You can read each of these blogs in our RBI2 blog series below.

Our advice on the WannaCry malware

WannaCry is the latest high profile case of cyber attack, and unfortunately malware spreads like these can happen quite often. We would like to provide advice to Internet users with some basic tips that may help prevent an infection from WannaCry and also provide some defence against other issues in the future. Read our tips in our media release.

Upcoming AGM

On 27 July we will hold our AGM where members will be voting on four council positions. This will be held in Wellington and live-streamed so you can take part from anywhere in the country. Keep an eye out for details coming your way soon.

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