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This dotNews includes...

  • An overview of our NetHui 2016 road trip
  • Register now for our next speaker series event: Things and the Internet
  • Celebrating the IANA Stewardship transition
  • Announcing our conference attendance grants
  • Make a submission on the WHOIS fourth consultation paper
  • Come along to our stakeholder events

NetHui logoNetHui Roadtrip 2016 

Our NetHui Roadtrip finished up yesterday with our final one-day event in Rotorua. We had over 300 attendees across our three locations discussing topics such as UFB/RBI, Māori ICT, culture and heritage online, and disability and Internet use. Thanks to our sponsors and everyone who participated and made the events such a success!

The discussions at NetHui 2016 were diverse and engaging, and eye-opening at times! It is always fantastic to bring New Zealanders together to talk about the Internet. We talked about how we can improve its access, how we can better educate people to use it for their benefit and how we can get the full potential out of the Internet for our country and people. The NetHui Roadtrip 2016 was a great success in getting out into New Zealand to bring local communities together to help shape the future of the Internet. We at InternetNZ also value the NetHui discussions as they help us when planning our work and focusses for the future.

On each of the location pages linked here - NelsonSouth Auckland and Rotorua - has links to the sessions which contain all of the collaboratively created notes for the sessions. 

The recorded videos from the live-streams will be available soon and will be posted on the NetHui website under the location tabs.

In 2017, NetHui will likely be returning to the national three-day format. We are working on options now for NetHui 2017 and will be asking for your input on the plans in the next month or two. And, as usual, we’ll be looking to the community to help pull together the programme and make NetHui 2017 a success!

We’ll be sharing more soon on NetHui 2017 but if you have any ideas or want to get in touch you can email us at

Register now for our next Speaker series event: Things and the Internet

The final Speaker Series event for 2016 is coming up on 8 December: Things and the Internet.

The Internet of Things - from self-driving cars to light switches - creates both opportunities and risks. How do we ensure users are informed and safe? What are the considerations for creators? How can we provide more opportunities for everyone to contribute and innovate?

Panelists including Erika Pearson from Massey University and John Hart of Fab Lab will discuss creations, skills, security and ethics around the Internet of Things.

The free event will take place from 5.00pm, 8 December at our Wellington offices and also online via live-stream.

Registrations are open. You can RSVP here.

Celebrating the IANA Stewardship transition

Over the first weekend in October, a historic change to the governance of the Internet’s domain name system took place. A contract between the U.S Government and ICANN - the global organisation that is the steward of the DNS at the top level - came to an end. The global Internet community - and that includes you - is now fully responsible for the DNS.

You can find out more in Jordan’s blog here.

Announcing our conference attendance grants logo

Twice a year InternetNZ provides funding to help New Zealanders participate in relevant conferences and events related to the development of the Internet. We're excited to announce our four recipients for this round and the conferences they will be attending: Dr Kevin Wang, IEEE International Conference on Sensing Technology; Linda Lew, OpenCon; Bryan Ng, ACM International Conference on Modeling, Analysis and Simulation of Wireless and Mobile Systems; Jonathan Brewer, APRICOT 2017. You can read more about these conferences and our conference funding in our blog here.

The next conference grants round will be open mid-November, find out more here.

WHOIS fourth consultation paper

The Domain Name Commission is reviewing the .nz WHOIS. As a part of this, it has launched a public consultation proposing that all contact address and telephone information for individual registrants is withheld from publication in the WHOIS. Submissions are due by 11am on 8 November. For details, including how to make a submission, visit

InternetNZ stakeholder events

In November, we're hosting two events - in Wellington on 24 November and Auckland on 29 November - for our InternetNZ stakeholders. Let us know if you would like an invitation by emailing

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