dotNews - September 2016

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This dotNews includes...

  • 2016 NetHui roadtrip - register now

  • Announcing our 2016 strategic partnerships

  • Watch our speaker series recording: Harassment and the Internet

  • Applications open for the iSANZ Awards

  • Telecommunications Act Review overview

NetHui logoNetHui road trip 2016 - register now

Tickets are still available to attend our 2016 one-day NetHui events in Nelson, South Auckland and Rotorua in October. We think it’s important to hear voices from all  of New Zealand’s Internet community – not just those living in the big cities, and can’t wait to hear about the Internet issues that are most important to local communities. More info on dates, venues and locations can be found on the NetHui website.

Tickets are only $25 so register now!

InternetNZ announces 2016/2017 strategic partners

Each year InternetNZ enters into strategic partnerships with organisations that align with our vision and goals. We provide funding to these partners to ensure they can continue to work on a range of issues and make improvements to the Internet and technology sector.

We're excited to announce our strategic partners for the 2016/17 financial year. We're providing a total funding pool of $280,000 to NetSafe, Creative Commons, Figure.NZ and the 2020 Trust so they can keep doing what they do best and can continue to work on a range of issues to make improvements to the Internet and technology sector.

Find out more about what each of our partners do by reading our full blog post:

Watch our speaker series recording - harassment and the Internet

Last Thursday we hosted our second event in the speaker series: Harassment and the Internet. We hosted a panel made up ofNiels ten Oever, Head of Digital at Article 19, Ruth MacIntyre, Digital Media Advisor at Women's Refuge, Emily Writes, online blogger and Martin Cocker, Executuve Director at NetSafe.

You can watch the full video here:

The final event in our 2016 speaker series is Things and the Internet, to be held on 8 December. More details will be available in the next dotNews.

iSANZ Awards - applications open now

Entries are now open for the iSANZ Awards, recognising excellence in New Zealand’s world-class information security (InfoSec) industry. All New Zealanders or New Zealand-based individuals and organisations doing interesting or innovative things with InfoSec can enter at For more info including award categories please see

Entries close on Monday 26 September.

Telecommunications Act Review: To UFB and Beyond!

Responding to the review of the Telecommunications Act is a big part of our Activity Plan for 2016. That's because the Internet creates lots of great opportunities for communication and for commerce - but that’s no good if you can’t get a good Internet service at a reasonable price. The government is currently reviewing the rules in this area in the form of a review of the Telecommunications Act. From 2020, these rules will determine how good our services are, and how much we pay for them. InternetNZ is engaging with that process to support better services, at fair prices, throughout New Zealand.

In our formal submission, we have called for a focus on delivering the potential of our networks. With UFB fibre reaching most of the places we work and live, and with faster wireless networks beyond that, we can sum up this potential in one word: “faster.”

You can read more in our formal submission, or see a blog post from our Issues Advisor James summing up our thoughts here. There's still a long way to go in this process, and James is also really keen to hear perspectives that could be built into this work; get in touch if you'd like to know more!

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