InternetNZ pleased to see Minister Adams returning to Communications role

InternetNZ is delighted with the announcement that Minister Adams will continue in her role as Communications Minister, and congratulates her on her promotion to the government’s front bench. 

The last Parliament saw InternetNZ and the Minister largely finding agreement on Internet issues and CEO Jordan Carter says is looking forward to another three years of working closely with the Minister.

“We’ve seen this Government pay serious attention on the ICT sector since it was elected in 2008. The announcements pre-election about increasing the reach of the Ultra-fast Broadband rollout to 80 per cent of New Zealand and the increased spend on the Rural Broadband Initiative show a Government that is committed to increasing New Zealand’s Internet capabilities.

“Obviously there are and will be areas we disagree – that’s true with any Government – but Minister Adams has shown herself to be a savvy operator and one who understands a great deal about our sector,” said Mr Carter.

Mr Carter said there is a lot of work to do to ensure that New Zealand’s ‘digital divide’ is closed, allowing those in lower socio-economic areas of New Zealand to have the same access to the Internet that everyone else does. There is also the ongoing discussion around surveillance. 
“The Government has said it’s committed to regular reviews of the GCSB and the NZSIS, the next of which is due to happen in 2015. We look forward to making a full contribution to those reviews.

“I congratulate Amy Adams on her promotion to the front bench, and her new portfolio responsibilities in Justice. There are useful linkages between all three portfolios, with some tricky issues like network neutrality, the convergence of broadcasting and communications regulation, and the future of the Harmful Digital Communications bill now together under one Minister’s responsibility.

“I am looking forward to working with this Minister: someone who knows and is passionate about Internet issues, and now with the added bonus of Cabinet seniority to drive government efforts to realise the opportunities the Internet offers New Zealand,” Jordan Carter says.

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