Submission: Draft Algorithm Charter

InternetNZ's submission to Statistics New Zealand on the Draft Algorithm Charter.

We welcome the chance to submit on the algorithm charter

  • InternetNZ welcomes the chance to submit on the Draft Algorithm Charter. We address the consultation questions below.
  • InternetNZ is an independent not-for-profit that operates the .nz domain name registry, and works for an Internet that is open, secure, and for all New Zealanders.
  • The use of algorithms and the impacts they can have on people is a key issue for the Internet. The Internet has enabled the global-scale collection, sharing, and processing of information which modern algorithms are built on. At the same time, the ways people use and experience the Internet have been shaped for better and worse by algorithms that determine which people see which content on modern online services.
  • As online services implement algorithms so too do governments, and with this use of algorithms comes questions about democratic power, control, and decision making.
  • We anticipate continued developments and changes in this area over the next decade, with growing interest in ways to ensure the safe and responsible use of algorithms, and in ways to monitor, address, and prevent situations where decisions about or by algorithms harm people.

We welcome a broad conversation about data and algorithms

  • We see a need for a broad conversation with New Zealanders about the uses and impacts of algorithms across our society, and welcome the DraftAlgorithm Charter as one part of that broader conversation.
  • As part of our contribution to the conversation, InternetNZ hosted a public online conversation about algorithms and data in November 2019, under theTwitter hashtag #DataCharter. We draw on that conversation in this submission.

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Wednesday, January 22, 2020