Submissions: to the Commerce Commission on Specified Fibre Areas and the Copper Withdrawal Code

InternetNZ has submitted on the Commerce Commission's approach to implementing the Telecommunications Act amendments. Here you can find our submission on the approach to Specified Fibre Areas determination and the Copper Withdrawal Code.

Specified Fibre Areas (SFA) will be decided by this process, which will be regions that have fibre rolled out to every household and connection point. Once these areas are declared publically, the Telecommunications Service Obligations will no longer apply (except the obligations relating to 111 services for vulnerable people), and copper is deregulated in the area, and could be removed. The submission process happening right now is to determine the method and data sources that will be used to determine how an area becomes an SFA.

Once an area is a declared an SFA, Chorus will be able to withdraw copper from the area. The Copper Withdrawal Code (CWC), will determine how this is done, and the minimum requirements that Chorus will need to meet. This submission process is to get perspectives on what the minimum requirements should be. 


Friday, February 15, 2019