What's Up @InternetNZ - February 2016

Kia ora InternetNZ members,

We have a lot going on here at InternetNZ so make sure you have a read below and find out what's happening and how you can stay involved.


This week Auckland's AUT is home to the APRICOT workshops. They provide high quality, hands-on training on practical Internet networking content. On Monday - 22 February - we kick off the conference week and we are very excited about this. We have over 600 delegates from Asia Pacific coming to Auckland for the biggest gathering of network operations experts in the region.

If you are interested in attending the conference there is still time to register. You can register now here.

To learn more about the APRICOT programme, visit the APRICOT website here: APRICOT 2016.

Members meet-ups

Thank you to all the members who joined us at one of our members meet-ups in the last few weeks. We held these in Auckland, Wellington, Christchurch and online and got the chance to speak with many of you.The focus of these gatherings was two-fold. We spoke with you about are newly proposed Focus Areas for 2016 and also ideas surrounding product service development for InternetNZ.

We found these conversations very useful for the planning stages of these two workstreams and your feedback will tie in to our papers for the next Council meeting on 26 February where we will carry on these conversations. We look forward to updating you on any Council decisions made at this meeting and the following Council meeting in May.  

Membership renewals 

A reminder that for those of you who signed up for a one year membership of InternetNZ, renewals are due at the end of March. Keep an eye out for an email around the beginning of March which will give you some more detail. 



The New Zealand Internet Research Forum (NZIRF) 2016 was held at Auckland University of Technology on 4-5 February 2016. The NZIRF provides a forum for Internet researchers from all disciplines of academia, as well as government and the private sector, to come together to share and learn from each other as a community. This second NZIRF event kicked off with pre-event workshops on the afternoon of Thursday 4 February, including Birds of a Feather sessions on social media research, Internet research ethics, Internet law research, and more, followed by a welcome function that evening. Then a full day of sessions were held on Friday 5 February. You can view the full programme, including presentations and notes where available, at the link below.

Highlights of the NZIRF were the plenary panels: opening the event was a panel on the Future of Internet Research and closing with one on Protecting Human Rights. These were live-streamed and videos can be viewed below. Thanks to our partners at AUT and all the participants for a great event! If you know people involved in Internet research you can point them to the NZIRF mailing list where they can sign up to stay in the loop on future events and activities.

NZIRF 2016 programme

NZIRF 2016 live-stream footage

NZIRF mailing list

NetHui 2016

NetHuiWe are currently planning for NetHui events in 2016. Late in January, we sent out a blog post from Ellen Strickland - describing our thoughts for a new NetHui format for this year. This includes three "One Dayers" in regions of New Zealand rather than a one off event in Auckland. Before we make any decisions we would love to have your thoughts and feedback. Please read Ellen's blog below if you haven't done so already. If you have any thoughts let us know - reply to this newsletter, send us a message on Facebook or Twitter or email Ellen at ellen@internetnz.net.nz

Blog post: NetHui - let's hit the road in 2016

InternetNZ issues update

The InternetNZ issues team has been focussed on the following things.

Telecommunications – Enabling New Zealand's Future

We recently welcomed a report from the New Zealand telecommunications industry on the state of the New Zealand telecommunications sector. The report, titled Telecommunications – Enabling New Zealand's Future, was released last week by the New Zealand Telecommunications Forum (TCF). It identifies that the sector is performing well above its international competitors in many ways. Investment in the sector is currently $1.7billion per year, the second highest compared with industry turnover in the OECD.

Conversely, and you would have read in our earlier December issue of What's Up, we were pretty disappointed in the outcome of the Commerce Commission pricing decision for copper based services; the Unbundled Copper Local Loop and Unbundled Bitstream Access services. We remain concerned that this process has set the price of these services too high, and that this is unfortunately going to lead to higher bills to New Zealanders for accessing the Internet.

These two stories highlight how important the ongoing process of the Telecommunications Act review is for the New Zealand Internet, and some of the diverse perspectives and interests at play. Our submission on this topic reflects on these and many other issues - this will continue to be a focus of ours in 2016 as we work to ensure that New Zealanders get a fair deal and good performance from our Internet.


GavelOur Issues Advisor James has been busy at work contributing to a Law Foundation commissioned piece of work analysing the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) text. In particular, he's responsible for a chapter on the implications for this trade agreement on Intellectual Property and Information. That work is in the final stages of development now, and will be available to the community in advance of the information sessions being run by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade in March, and Parliamentary submissions on the TPP also in March.

If you'd like to know more, reach out to James. His email is james@internetnz.net.nz

To filter or not to filter?

We reacted pretty vehemently to the suggestion from the Censor's Office that more should be done to filter pornography from the New Zealand Internet. Our argument is that the Internet should be left alone to do what it does best - communicating information of all kinds. Filters are notoriously unreliable and there are plenty of options for parents to make their own decisions about content. We've also reached out to the Censor's Office to follow up on this discussion.

Focus Areas

Our Focus Areas for 2016/17 are well under development, and shared with many of you as part of our member meet-ups in the last few weeks. Our next job is to lock these down and then reflect on what activities can make them truly meaningful in the next year.

We're open to your ideas about how best InternetNZ could make a contribution. Get in touch with Andrew if you have other ideas.


World imageThe next ICANN meeting is taking place in Marrakech from 4-10 March and Jordan will be attending on behalf of InternetNZ. Final community decisions about significant reform of the organisation's accountability arrangements are due. You can see more details about what we are expecting from the meeting in Jordan's blog post here: 

ICANN accountability: a final hurdle looms

MobileTECH conference  

MobileTECH 2016 is a taking place from 30-31 March in Rotorua. It brings together technology leaders from right across our agricultural, horticultural and forestry sectors under one roof and we are proud to be a sponsor of the event. As part of this sponsorship, InternetNZ members are able to register at a special discounted rate. If you are interested in this, please email megan@internetnz.net.nz for the discount code.  

MobileTECH conference website

Know your InternetNZ staff members

JordanCarterThis month we are giving you a snapshot of our very own Chief Executive, Jordan Carter.  

What do you actually do: Lead the InternetNZ operational team - make sure we have a clear strategy and that our actions match it, speak for us in media, and talk with a bunch of members and stakeholders about where we are (and should be) going.

What’s your favourite thing about the Internet? The way you can spark up a new idea and get going without having to get permission.

What’s your least favourite? How rude people can be to each other when they feel separated by "cyberspace."

What’s your favourite movie? Donnie Darko.

Who's your favourite singer? A band called Belle and Sebastian.

Favourite meal: Pan fried fresh snapper with some greens - yum!

Who would you want to play you in the film of your life? Kevin Spacey!

Communications and events


15 - 26 February 2016: APRICOT conference in Auckland 
26 February: InternetNZ Council meeting 
30-31 March: MobileTECH conference 2016 
1 April: Codemania 2016 
17-20 April: Distance Education Association of New Zealand Conference 2016


Since the last update, InternetNZ has published the following press releases and blog posts:

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25 January: Worried about porn? Filtering the Internet is NOT the answer
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