What's Up @InternetNZ - September 2015

Hello members, 

We know you like to be kept in the loop about what's going on at InternetNZ, but we are also conscious of your ever growing inboxes! So we thought we would try a slightly different approach for this newsletter. You will see up front a short one minute video from our CEO Jordan Carter. Jordan will let you know the big things that are on our plate and if you want to know more please do read on. We will also try to keep the text in the newsletters as concise as possible and provide links to further information should you need more. 

The use of video is something that we would like to try more of and would love to get your thoughts about this approach. So feel free to reply and let us know what you think.      

Internet issues programme

Digital distribution

We've developed a piece of animation with the help of the good people at Mohawk Media, explaining the challenges in distributing content online in an age of Geoblocking. This is particularly relevant given that the Global Mode service has been shut off earlier this month due to ambiguous interpretations of Copyright Law.

We stand for a fair deal for content creators, but also for reasonable access to online content for Internet users. The animation explains the moving parts and invites your opinions about what we should do about it! Watch it below. 

Convergence programme

MBIE has made a pretty massive series of announcements regarding the launch of a "convergence" programme of work - a multi-faceted review of a wide range of Internet-impacting issues. The scope of this work is as follows:
  • investment in fast connectivity networks
  • cyber security
  • convergence and content consultation
  • spectrum management
  • review of the framework for telecommunications
  • GST and cross-border services and intangibles
  • study of the creative sector use of the copyright and designs regimes
  • data futures partnership.
All of these individual components were expected and you can find our work and submissions on a number of these areas on our website. However, this announcement of a combined programme of work is new to us.
We posted a media release and a blog post about it which you can read here: 
Media release - Digital Convergence Paper a great first step
Blog post - Initial thoughts on convergence

We're prepping submissions on all of these things as they come up. If you'd like to collaborate with us on these, get in touch - we will be sharing everything on the Policy Advisory Group email list too!

Telecommunications Act Review

TelcoReviewOne of the biggest and most important components of the programme above is the review of the Telecommunications Act, announced here: 

Review of the Telecommunications Act 2001

Again, this is something we've anticipated - you can see our previous submission to MBIE with our thoughts as to what this should cover here:
Submission on the Telecommunications Act Review

We're pretty pleased to see this mantle being picked up too. Here is our media release containing our initial reactions:
Telecommunications Act changes vital for today's generation

This is a really important piece of work that will fundamentally define so much of how the law relates to Internet service provision in New Zealand. Our thinking on the main issues is as follows:

  • How do we ensure that there is sufficient Internet user protection for fibre post 2020?
  • Consideration of a new regulatory model that keeps Internet user interests paramount is needed. Is a "building block" regulatory model going to do that? How do we check and test that?
  • What are the Internet user interests that are important here? How do we check and articulate them versus plenty of assertion as to what they are?
  • How do we incentivise ongoing improvement in coverage and performance of telecommunications networks without overly compensating network builders and service providers?
  • What do we need to anticipate now as future challenges that the Internet will bring - such as Network Neutrality - to ensure that any new legislation stands the test of time, fairly?

We've also made a commitment to continue to provide spaces for the Internet community to share their thoughts and perspectives on this legislative review, which will help inform our submissions and provide valued input to the Ministry. We'll be making some announcements about these soon so watch this space!

IANA Stewardship Transition and ICANN Accountability

Submissions on improving ICANN's accountability were due last Saturday and thank you to those who commented on InternetNZ's draft submission. Jordan will soon look to publish a blog post about this work so please do keep an eye out if you are interested in hearing more.

What's next?

  • Convergence - We will be working on a number of different submissions to provide our thoughts on content classification, GST online and the telecommunications legislative review. If you're keen on collaborating on this, keep an eye on the Policy Advisory Group email list - and if you'd like to be a member of that list, contact Andrew on andrew@internetnz.net.nz 
  • auIGF - James will be representing the Internet issues team at the Australian Internet Governance Forum meetings in Melbourne in early October, and in a related academic forum on issues on the Internet. He'll share his thoughts in our next issue.
  • Copper broadband pricing - it grinds on! Our next step is a cross-submission due later in September, before the Commission seeks to finalise its findings in December. 
  • Computer Security Incident Response Team (CSIRT) - we've got something cooking with the New Zealand Internet Task Force and a range of other organisations, to test a model for a CSIRT for New Zealand. More to come!
As always, we welcome your feedback and involvement. If you'd like to discuss these matters in detail, then the Policy Advisory Group list is for you. Or, feel free to contact an issues team member and let us know what you think.

Community programme

NetHui 2015 report and videos


A report on NetHui 2015 is now available online. The report includes feedback from NetHui participants as well as information about attendance, media coverage, sponsorship and our budget. We're so pleased that feedback shows the event was overwhelmingly enjoyed.

Also videos of every NetHui session excluding the barcamp stream are now available online. You can re-watch your favourite session, share sessions of interest with friends, or see what you missed if you were unable to attend.

More information, including links to videos and the report, can be found in our blog here: 
NetHui 2015 – session videos and event report

InternetNZ event sponsorship

InternetNZ sponsors a small range of events and awards every year to support the activities and initiatives of the community. Upcoming events which InternetNZ has recently committed to sponsoring include:

National Digital Forum 

The NDF is for people working together to enhance digital interaction with culture and heritage in New Zealand - held at Te Papa Museum Wellington, 12 to 14 October.

The iSANZ Awards 
A showcase of excellence in New Zealand information security - held at Te Papa Museum Wellington, 8 December.

For academics and others interested in discourse analysis that addresses theoretical, methodological or empirical research in a variety of applications

More about past sponsorship and information about how to apply for sponsorship is available here:

InternetNZ hosts TUANZ After Fives featuring Figure.NZ

A reminder that Lillian Grace, CEO and founder of Figure.NZ, will talk to her vision of democratising New Zealand’s data and creating a culture where people are great at using data at an upcoming TUANZ After Five evening events hosted by InternetNZ. INZ members can get more information including how to register here:

Know your InternetNZ staff members

BenCreetThis month we are giving you a snapshot of Ben Creet, InternetNZ's Senior Issues Advisor. 

What do you actually do: I lead, broker and deliver projects that protect the Internet we have (and all its wonders). I lobby government to get policy and law that works with the Internet. I do all this to, hopefully, steer us towards a better Internet. My motto is: think good, talk good, write goodest.

tl;dr: I play keyboard for the Internet!

What’s your favourite thing about the Internet? It allows me to make connections and maintain relationships with people I rarely (if ever) get to see physically. Also, online gaming is pretty ace.

What’s your least favourite? The way it's enabled criminals to go full industrial-scape. Child sex abuse imagery, money launders etc. They're just so damn good at exploiting tech.

What’s your favourite book? Startide Rising by David Brin. Hugo and Nebula winner from when I was a wee dot about a single spaceship of Terrans hiding from fleets of galactic bullies. Oh and 95% of the crew are sentient dolphins (including the Captain). The Best. Sci-Fi book. Ever!

What’s your favourite band:Can't pick between Soundgarden, Alice in Chains or Portishead.

Favourite meal: In: Wife-cooked Ben-friendly Lasagne (I'm lacto-intolerant and do 95% of the cooking in my house). Out: Hippopotomous 5-course degustation with matched wine!

Who would you want to play you in the film of your life? Either Jennifer Lawrence (I back her versatility to do clean-shaven Ben) or Harrison Ford. 


Events and communication


17-18 September: New Zealand Cyber Security Challenge (Hamilton)
9 October: InternetNZ October 2015 Council Meeting (Wellington)


Since the last update, InternetNZ has published the following press releases and blog posts:

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27 August: Digital Convergence Paper a great first step
27 August: ANZIA winners shine at the gala event in Auckland
1 September: Bid process important for UFB2 tender
2 September: InternetNZ video asks what Kiwis want from copyright
2 September: Passport control at the checkout
4 September: NetHui 2015 – session videos and event report
7 September: Initial thoughts on convergence
8 September: Telecommunications Act changes vital for today's generation
9 September: Judge content by its character, not its medium

Feedback welcome

We welcome your feedback on this newsletter or other work that InternetNZ is involved in. Please email our Communciations Lead Megan Bartrum at megan@internetnz.net.nz